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What is the best massage for me? We help you discover it

If you are thinking of indulging yourself with a massage session and you are particularly curious to discover the innumerable benefits that you can obtain, we provide you with the main benefits of the most requested massages and above all we help you discover which is the best massage for you.

Today there are an infinity of types of treatments, and here the drama begins: Which are the most popular? What type of massage suits my needs?

Read on and discover the most requested massages and how a simple massage can be of great benefit to your body and mind.

The benefits of massage

The benefits of a massage for the body and mind are many and depend on the type that is performed. There are massages that are especially effective in reducing stress and tension, while others improve the immune system or the functioning of a specific organ.

Did you know that there are types of massages that improve the immune system or the functioning of a specific organ?

Below we show the main massages and their benefits.

Stressed or uptight?

Relaxing massage

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Relaxation is one of the main effects of manipulations. When we put ourselves in the hands of a professional masseuse we relax while releasing all the muscular tension accumulated during the day, thus reducing daily stress. This type of muscle relaxation acts on the joints and bones, as in this way they become elastic and with greater agility in movement.

Thanks to all this, the mind feels much freer, less blocked and well prepared to face the day. The body produces endorphins naturally, this substance helps fight depression, anxiety and pain.

Digestive problems

Since massage generally reduces the level of stress and anxiety, this allows the muscles of the diaphragm to relax and greatly improves our respiratory system. This allows for greater oxygenation of the blood and improves the cardiovascular system.

Increased blood flow also improves the digestive system and reduces the risk of gastritis. Therefore, an organ such as the intestine also benefits, since good friction stimulates peristalsis and reduces cases of chronic constipation.

Dehydrated skin

A good massage stimulates the release of dead cells from the connective system and stimulates the pores of the sebaceous glands. In this way, the skin is more luminous and able to better absorb all the oils and lotions used for massage.

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A natural medicine for the lymphatic system: draining massage

Body massages have an immediate effect for the stimulation of body fluids, helping the kidneys to eliminate and expel body fluids. Especially thanks to the draining massage the toxins accumulated in our body are eliminated due to the stagnation of the lymphatic system.

Not just cellulite: Anti-cellulite massage

The massages also act against the annoying imperfections of cellulite, helping to reduce it and fight it since our body increases blood circulation.

Greater nutrition of our tissues and increases capillary dilation, lowering blood pressure.

An anti-cellulite massage is also very effective and beneficial for our cardiovascular system, since it not only increases the capacity of the blood in our body, but also improves its quality. Blood flow increases but the pressure on the blood vessels decreases, making our heart stronger.

In our massage center in Barcelona we also offer a special treatment to restore lightness to tired legs.

Let the energy flow: restore inner balance and regain vitality

Thai Massage

Ayurvedic Massage



Among all the bodily benefits that massages can provide, we can also identify the release of the energy channels that flow through our body. Based on much research and studies, massages are able to improve our mood, our emotions and the functioning of many of our body areas.

A masseuse can release our emotions and rebalance our energy flow.


Try the Tui-Na massage

The Tui Na massage favors the flow of vital energy within the meridians present in the individual’s body. In fact, according to the philosophy behind this massage, the stagnation of vital energy and / or alterations in its flow would be responsible for the appearance of disorders and pathologies in the person.

Choose this treatment to counteract or alleviate painful symptoms of a different nature:

  • Muscle and / or joint pain of various types: cervical, back, head, sciatica
  • Disorders due to alterations (generally not pathological) of the blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • Menstrual disturbances;
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Stress and non-pathological anxiety states;
  • Irritability and mood swings.

Muscle pains

Therapeutic massage

Deep Tissue

Decontracting Massage

This massage combines a series of techniques to access the deepest layers of muscle tissue.

The masseur uses slow, deep movements as well as friction techniques. Connective tissue massage is used to massage muscles that cause chronic pain and discomfort. These pains can be the cause of injuries, posture problems, etc.

Of the most popular massages, this is one of the most effective, as it is used to reduce pain and inflammation

Myofascial massage involves looking for painful fibrous knots in the muscles and connective tissue. This type of massage allows you to relieve any type of muscle pain, even in areas that are not related to the back.

Myotensive headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, back pain, or insomnia.

The head massage is the most indicated massage.

You do sports? This is the best massage for you

Sports massage is done before sports to warm up and prepare the muscles, or after sports to relax the muscles. This massage is also recommended for the rehabilitation of injuries, improving sports performance, flexibility and muscle balance.

However, you don’t have to be an athlete to be able to perform this type of massage. Sports massage is also used for active people who frequently participate in sports activities. The objective of this type of massage is not to relax but to prevent and treat injuries.

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt lava stone massage is a type of massage that consists of having to apply this type of stone to certain specific points of the body to warm up and relax the muscle, balancing the body’s energy center.

The masseur can also apply gentle pressure with these stones. This is considered one of the most popular and requested massages of the moment.

Thanks to the heat caused by the stones, the muscles of the body relax and find comfort, helping all those who suffer from muscle tension, preferring a gentle and delicate type of massage.

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Did you know that there are massages that treat any health problems? How to achieve total well-being


Reflexology is a type of treatment that aims to massage the feet with a much higher purpose than the simple act itself.

The breech reflexology treatment consists of applying a certain pressure to certain points of the foot, each of which represents a direct correspondence with an organ and system of the body.

Reflexology is a very relaxing massage, especially for people who spend most of the day on their feet, causing ongoing fatigue and pain. In addition, the purpose of this type of massage is to alleviate the problem related to the health of our body.


For this type of massage, a technique of pressure with the fingers is used in certain areas through a sequence of rhythm in the acupuncture meridians. Each point should hold the pulse for 2 to 8 seconds.

It improves the flow of energy and helps the body to regain the proper psychophysical balance.

People who undergo this type of treatment for the first time say that it is a very relaxing massage despite the constant pressure and that it does not leave any type of back pain. This is precisely why this massage is becoming, once again, the most requested and popular massage performed by professional masseurs.

Craniosacral Massage

Craniosacral therapy consists of gentle manipulations of the cranial bones, seen as a means of interacting with the person’s health and the central and peripheral nervous system. According to Dr. Sutherland, with this method it is possible to influence the hormonal system, treating the following disorders:

  • gynecological functions, such as the painful cycle
  • nervous system, such as certain types of headache, neuralgia, sleep disturbances, and visual disturbances such as strabismus
  • functional occlusion or chewing disorders such as bruxism or crossbite, sinusitis, some scoliosis originating in the skull
  • functional disorders of the child such as birth trauma, alterations in the shape of the skull or the typical “colic” gas or ear pain


Chiromassage is a manual technique that aims to restore physical, mental and energetic well-being. The objective is to evaluate and restore the structural, functional and postural integrity of the body, eliminating restrictions and normalizing dysfunctions.

The objective is to reach an optimal point of physical-psychological efficiency by reducing the stress factors of the body, such as muscle contractions, spasms and tension in the soft tissues.


More than a real massage, reiki is a kind of discipline that aims to cure ailments of any kind by transferring energy from the practitioner’s hands to the individual who undergoes this practice.

Holistic Massage

It is a technique that involves not only the body, but also the spirit, the emotions and the energies of the whole body. It can perform a decongestant or stimulating function. In the first case, toxins are eliminated, purifying the body, in the second the objective is to tone the muscles.

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Every human being has the fundamental need to experience tactile sensations, holistic massage satisfies this need, combining the massage with the sensitivity of the operator.

If you are pregnant

“Prenatal massage” is becoming increasingly popular with pregnant women.

Women are increasingly aware of the importance that this treatment can have during pregnancy. Our professional masseurs know the correct posture in which women can be and how to adapt massage techniques to the physical condition and gestation period of the woman.

Prenatal is considered one of the most popular and useful massages for reducing stress, inflammation, pain, anxiety, and depression. The massage sessions are personalized and adapted to the mother’s needs.


In our massage center in Barcelona we use aromatic vegetable oils, called essential oils. Each of these oils is used to meet specific customer needs, choosing from relaxing, energizing, anti-stress oils, etc.

Don’t hesitate, you really need a good massage! But which? For what need? Why do them? Visit us and we suggest it! Check all our treatments and therapies and reserve.