Weight loss treatment with BellAction® devices

Shaping and toning has never been so easy and fast.

At Aurum Wellbeing we have the most innovative devices specially designed for deep body physioactive treatments.

Effective treatments without pain, anesthesia, incisions, convalescence or aftercare.

Excellent results on cellulite, fat, atony, fluid retention, stretch marks, scars and much more.

Remodeling body treatments

Thanks to our slimming treatment, we tone skin tissue, eliminate fat and stubborn cellulite, and drain fluids. In addition, they are very effective for the recovery of tissues in case of inflammation and to activate circulation. Finally, contractures are also eliminated.


  • eliminate cellulite
  • lose an average of 2 sizes
  • reduce sagging
  • tone muscles and skin
  • drain and remove fluids
  • decontract

In addition to allowing us to eliminate even the most stubborn cellulite, the application of the device will enhance the aesthetic volumes that enhance any figure.

In short, improving beauty and regaining health always leads to well-being.

Vouchers 5 sessions 10% discount
10 session vouchers 20% discount

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