Ayurveda Udvartana massage

The Ayurveda Udvartana massage is a special type of Abhyanga that is performed with herbal powders and spices. It consists of massaging the entire body with upward movements. Precisely the term Udvartana means “to move something in an upward movement”.

Qualities of the Ayurveda Udvartana massage

  • Eliminates accumulated Kapha
  • Eliminates stale vata
  • Liquefies and mobilizes stagnant adipose/fat tissue
  • Rejuvenates the skin and gives it freshness
  • Relieves the bad smell
  • Relieves body heaviness
  • Eliminates drowsiness, brings freshness
Masaje ayurveda UDVARTANA en Barcelona

More benefits of massage

  • Relieves itching
  • Removes dirt from the skin, leaving it lustrous
  • Helps to recover the sense of taste
  • Opens blocked channels, blood vessels and transport systems in the body
  • Allows the free circulation of nutrients and essential elements in the body