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Stop tired legs

Tired legs in hot season. Professional therapeutic massage to improve circulation.

Do you feel tired and heavy legs especially at the end of the day or after long standing stays? Do you have a burning and tingling sensation?

piernas cansadas

Many people of any age suffer from leg discomfort, particularly in summer.

In many cases, even if there is no pain, a state of swelling may occur.

Swelling in the legs is more common in women who spend a lot of time in a static position, such as standing or sitting.

When the symptoms of swelling and heaviness are recurrent, there may be several pathologies of clinical interest that must be evaluated by a doctor.

For example, varicose veins are characterized by heaviness, tired legs – swollen and painful -. Cramps in the calves, tingling and dilation of the veins. These symptoms usually get worse with the heat.

A feeling of weight in the lower limbs may also depend on lymphedema. That is to say, an accumulation of liquids due to an insufficiency of the lymphatic system.

How heat causes tired legs

In summer, you would like to have toned, tanned and fit legs. Instead you find yourself dealing with swollen ankles, tired legs, heavy and tingling. High temperatures, in fact, worsen the quality of normal circulation in the veins.

The heat induces a dilation of the blood vessels, which acts as a mechanism of internal heat dissipation to maintain the balance of the organism. However, if the venous return system is altered the venous dilatation induces blood stagnation in the legs. This triggers a fluid leakage mechanism in the tissues, with the appearance of swelling, heaviness and pain.

In most cases, tired and swollen legs are the result of an accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues (fluid retention).

piernas cansadas

Causes of tired legs

The causes are many. They range from water retention to low physical activity and poor posture. Another cause is a bad diet, especially if it is low in fiber. The hereditary factor also influences.

Treatment for tired legs

In Aurum Wellbeing we propose to balance the blood flow through Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.

Treatment of tired legs

The treatment of tired legs is specific for this type of pathology. With the help of essential oils the blood and lymphatic circulation is activated. Essences such as rosemary and cypress help blood circulation. While the essential oil of geranium is a powerful activator of the lymphatic circulation. These essences are diluted in sesame oil that helps their penetration to be more effective.

This massage is performed with emptying manipulations directing the liquids towards the trunk.

Foot reflexology

Our foot is considered “the peripheral heart”. Through its stimulation the good circulation and the muscular and energetic natural activity of the legs are restored. Even the organs affected by the reflex points will benefit greatly.

Reflexology is very suitable for all those disorders of the lower extremities: heaviness, swelling and water retention, also improving cellulite.

piernas cansadas

Lymphatic drainage

This type of massage can stimulate the lymphatic circulation and also the blood. This is how fluids move and are expelled naturally, that is, through urine.

Lymphatic drainage is efficient not only for swollen legs, but also painful, heavy and tired. It is also excellent for people with varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, and for those who suffer from tingling and / or muscle cramps.