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The new year is coming: what is the best ritual for you

Doing a ritual can mark an excellent start to the year. In fact, the New Year is a festival that is celebrated all over the world with purifying and propitiatory rituals for the coming year. What unites all civilizations that celebrate the New Year is, in fact, the desire to mark a point in time that separates the old year from the new year to close with the past and open to the future.

We propose these simple rituals that have a great impact on both our body and the unconscious because every ritual promotes both balance and harmony. Remember that you must always be present in you and aware when performing a ritual.

1. We honor our body and soul

Every moment of the day is a sacred time to honor who we are and can be accompanied by a ritual designed to celebrate the rebirth of our beauty and connection to Mother Earth. Give yourself a few hours of solitude and relaxation, leaving your phone and PC turned off. The environment, in fact, is really essential for this beauty ritual to be effective against stress. Pamper your senses with music and scented candles. If you have a bathtub, you can put a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil to enjoy a better relationship.

2. Infuse good energy into the environment

with the special Cleaner of the energy of the space. We can spread it in the home environment, in the office and in all those places that need lightness and luminosity. Thus we are prepared to face a new day with aroma, energy and well-being. Use our elegant scent diffusers that evenly disperse the aroma in the environment, moisten the air and improve our mood. You can choose from different types, from the electric aroma diffuser to the ultrasonic aroma diffuser to the luxury aroma diffuser with a stylish design.

3. Ritual for the care and nutrition of the face

We start the day offering our favorite fragrance of Aromatic Rose Water to the clean face to dance the day in beauty, awaken our heart, body and soul. Vaporized or with touches on white cotton balls, it is a real food for our skin and not only, also taken orally or sprayed in the environment, it generously offers its properties.

We continue to awaken our senses with the Tonic to provide balance and sweetness. We leave our skin a few minutes to wait to continue with the Cream. A light cream but with a great appeal for life, it stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid, facilitating the transport of water to the dermis. We place it on our face and distribute it over our cheeks, eye contour, forehead, chin and neck and begin to massage.

4. Cell renewal ritual

Face. Most facials are done primarily to counteract the signs of skin aging. In fact, it is inevitable that the passage of time leaves signs, but good prevention can slow down their appearance if you act from the first signs.

At our center in Barcelona we use various facial rejuvenation techniques to improve skin quality, reduce fine wrinkles, blemishes and superficial scars. One of these techniques is the diamond-tipped facial cleansing. Another very efficient technique to reduce flaccidity and eliminate wrinkles is to massage with the BellAction device.

Body. To remove dead cells and accumulated toxins, it is essential to periodically perform a professional body scrub. This exfoliating treatment allows the skin to renew itself and acquire softness and elasticity.

The benefits of the complete exfoliating treatment are numerous, among them: the oxygenation of the epidermal cells, which allows to maintain a toned and alive skin, and the cell renewal, since thanks to the elimination of the superficial dead skin it is possible to regenerate the skin without build up toxins and smog, which could lead to skin infections.

Plus, it prevents ingrown hairs, which are itchy and sometimes sore to the touch.

To be effective, the exfoliation must be as gentle as possible. For this reason, we use natural body scrubs, made with selected and organic ingredients.

The ideal time to perform an epidermal renewal treatment is at the beginning of the year. With the arrival of spring, the skin must be ready to receive sun, light and oxygen.

If, in addition to exfoliation, you want to obtain more benefits for the skin, you can complete the ritual with a wrap and a specific massage.

5. Spiritual Beauty Ritual

After reconnecting the body and mind, the next step is the harmony of the human being with the universe. The key to balance, which can also slow down cellular aging. Quantum science and physics have shown that each of us emits an electromagnetic field. This energy defines us as human beings by emitting information that the universe receives and to which it responds. Hence the importance of sending positive vibes

HUMAN BEINGS AND COSMOS Somatic (or organic) intelligence is the inner logic that governs our system of vital and bodily processes, in the continuous search for the best responses to the stimuli of life and the environment that surrounds us.

BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT In our center in Barcelona we propose treatments that try to reconcile body and mind, thanks also to the application of active principles that act on the emotions.

For example, flower essences act through a repeated action, in order to consolidate a cellular message, which conveys a clear intention to reestablish balance.

Beauty depends on how we connect, how we control our spirit, how we accept and love ourselves.