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The 5 essential oils to end cellulite

What are the 5 essential oils to end cellulite

Cellulite and water retention: what are the main essential oils that can help fight these annoying blemishes?

Cellulitis, or edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (PEFS), is a very common skin blemish, especially in women. It is caused by alteration processes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. In general, it manifests itself with the appearance, at the level of the skin tissue, of small holes or depressions commonly identified with the term “orange peel”. The most affected areas are usually the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Water retention is not synonymous with cellulite, but it is certainly a condition that can promote its appearance. Water retention is characterized by the presence of subcutaneous edema due to insufficient fluid drainage by the lymphatic system.

The hormonal fluctuations typical of women, a diet that is too high in salt or low in water and a sedentary lifestyle are conditions that, by overloading the lymphatic system, favor water retention.

Following a correct and balanced diet, drinking enough water and moving more are the basic rules that help fight cellulite and water retention. Also, some essential oils can help more specifically to combat these annoying blemishes.

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Cellulite and water retention: the 5 essential oils to end cellulite

Essential oils can be used for massages or baths. For massages, sweet almond oil or jojoba oil can be used as a base.

Within these oils, a few drops of an essential oil more specifically indicated for water retention and cellulite will be diluted.

The most effective are essential oils obtained from the skin of citrus fruits.

For example, lemon, orange, cedar, grapefruit and mandarin, along with sage, rosemary, thyme, juniper and cypress oils.

For the bath, you can use the same essential oils along with a tablespoon or two of sea or Himalayan salt. The skin is first massaged with a natural bristle brush to remove dead cells. This allows the oils to penetrate better.

Here you have our selection of the essential oils most indicated in the treatment against cellulite.

Rosemary essential oil: improves the functioning of the lymphatic and venous circulation, drains excess fluids;

Thyme, which stands out for its draining properties;

Cypress essential oil: invigorating. Useful in the presence of varicose veins;

Bitter orange: improves lymphatic and venous circulation and reduces swelling;

Lemon essential oil: tones and stimulates circulation;


Always check that the essential oil is suitable for your skin: NEVER apply a pure essential oil directly on the skin, but test it on the skin by applying a small part of the clay compound + water (or infusion) + essential oil.

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