The 42 benefits of foot reflexology

Here is the list of 42 benefits of foot reflexology that will surely make you try this therapy.

Benefit 1: Improves cardiac activity

This occurs because stimulating the heart area can significantly increase the energy input.

Benefit 2: Improves mood

How we feel also depends on our hormonal balance. In particular, you should consider what mood you wake up with in the morning… if it tends to be always the same type (for example, if you always feel angry) it means that some hormones are out of balance. Reflexology is very effective in rebalancing these situations and regaining a good mood.

Benefit 3: Improves and balances hormone activity

As we said before, thanks to plantar reflexology we can balance the hormonal activity thanks to the stimuli that we are going to practice starting from specific areas of the foot. The results are amazing.

Benefit 4: Improves sleep quality

Sleep is conditioned by many factors but also by many organs, among them the liver and the thyroid. By acting on these two organs, fantastic results can be obtained.

Benefit 5: Improves the basal metabolic rate.

Basal metabolism can be effectively stimulated by acting on the thyroid. Effective for slimming and promoting lymphatic circu

Benefit 6: Relieves tension in states of agitation

These manifestations are also subordinated to the thyroid gland and the activity of the adrenal glands. If these function in excess because they are overstimulated by the nervous system, overloaded by too much stress, unfortunately the person tends to become overly excited.

Benefit 7: Calm headaches

Headaches are of different types, however, by acting in foot reflexology on certain and specific reflex areas, it is possible to obtain unexpected results.

Benefit 8: Improves concentration

Concentration is closely related to “mental” energy. The latter are managed by the stomach, spleen and pancreas. When these organs work synergistically at the energetic level, balance is given and therefore concentration is favored.

Benefit 9: Promotes regularity of the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is subordinated to the activity of the ovaries, thyroid and pituitary gland, from which it follows that, by stimulating this “active”, not only excellent results are obtained, but also, very often, immediate, whether it is menstrual pain (this topic for which I advise you to read the article written specifically about it), that of menstrual delays or menopausal problems.

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Benefit 10: Improves digestion and food intolerances

Digestion of food takes place in the stomach but it is at the level of the small intestine where the absorption of nutrients takes place. If this is in vivo, its functionality is reduced. In this situation, cases of food intolerances can occur (due precisely to this weakness of the small intestine caused by tension and stress).

Benefit 11: Improves arterial and venous circulation

Circulation, both arterial and venous, is easily stimulated in the feet at a particularly sensitive point on the top of the left foot.

Benefit 12: Improves digestion

If the stomach is stressed by excessive worry, it contracts and becomes hard as a rock. In these cases, it is possible to release tension thanks to foot reflexology.

Benefit 13: Improves the immune system

The immune defenses are also subordinated to the activity of the spleen. It is clear that a correct lifestyle and diet must be followed, but by regularly stimulating the spleen in the foot in foot reflexology, immune defenses can be improved, also avoiding frequent influences and other problems.

Benefit 14: Improved blood sugar

Blood glucose is regulated by the activity of the pancreas. However, there are situations of particular stress in which blood sugar tends to worsen, despite proper nutrition. Reflexology in these cases offers excellent results.

Benefit 15: Improves lymphatic inflammation states.

A generalized swelling throughout the body is a clear sign that the lymphatic system is not balanced (there can be several causes that can lead to this problem). By stimulating the 3 lymphatic pathways of the foot, it is possible to improve this symptomatology.

Benefit 16: Improves respiration and tissue oxygenation.

Stimuli directed to the pulmonary area can help us to achieve great results in terms of breathing. Many people feel the breathing “cut” or “fatigued”, in these circumstances it would be convenient to also stimulate the diaphragm and plexus area.

Benefit 17: Relieves symptoms of contact and pollen allergies

Contact allergies generally occur when there is a fragility of the skin at the base due to a decrease in the energy of the lungs. By stimulating them, in foot reflexology, it is possible to achieve improvements even for those suffering from pollen allergies (typically spring allergies). For this, 10-15 sessions of a good foot reflexology treatment will be sufficient.

Benefit 18: Improves body and facial imperfections

If the body is sore, it causes stains resulting from accumulated toxicity (pimples, excess body fat, marks on the skin, etc.). If an organ is sore, through foot reflexology it is brought back into energetic balance, it is possible to obtain benefits on the imperfections of the body and the face itself.

Benefit 19: Improves intestinal activity

Irregular bowel activity is usually more of a female problem, as women have a longer bowel than men. In addition, the hormone that gives the urge to go to the body is testosterone (which women have in low doses). With foot reflexology you can solve this problem.

Benefit 20: Improves psychophysical state and releases emotions

If we are in a period of particular stress, many organs suffer from this situation and tend not to function as they should: in this regard, a link will be attached in depth to better understand the subject.

Benefit 21: Improves prostatic and uterine activity

The stimulation, in plantar reflexology, of these zones, allows to increase their elasticity thanks especially to the relaxation of the nervous part. This applies not only to all problems related to the prostate, but also to women with regard to problems of the uterus.

Benefit 22: Improves male and female fertility

For male fertility the most important role is played by the spermatozoa, while for female fertility by the oocytes. By stimulating the sex glands, foot reflexology can increase both the number and fertility of male sperm and female oocytes.

Benefit 23: Improves sexual activity of the couple.

Libido is linked to the proper functioning of the glands and is directly linked to androgen hormones. If the sexual glands are stimulated, always in plantar reflexology starting from the feet, libido can be increased. In addition, by loosening the muscular walls of the uterus and prostate, you can also improve the perception of pleasure (ideal for men who suffer from premature ejaculation and for women who cannot reach orgasm).

Benefit 24: Improves solar plexus anxiety states.

If the plexus is tense due to too much stress, the feeling of anxiety is unfortunately very strong. If, on the other hand, the diaphragm and the plexus area are loosened, thanks to plantar reflexology, this tension can be reduced by up to 70-80%.

All the benefits of foot reflexology

Benefit 25: Improves skin from dryness and impurities.

Our skin reflects our thoughts. If we are sad it is affected, we know it well when we look in the mirror in the morning after a sleepless night. By stimulating the lung area, thanks to foot reflexology, we can improve blood oxygenation with great benefits for the skin.

Benefit 26: Improves liver and gallbladder activity

The liver, with its 760 functions, is subordinated to the feeling of “anger”. When this increases, it can seriously impair some of its functions. However, we will go into more detail on this subject later.

Benefit 27: Calms states of nervous hunger and is of great help to anorexics.

Nervous hunger represents the search to fill a void within us, it manifests itself particularly when we are under stress and our nervous system is very tense. Anorexia has much more serious and complex reasons. Without going into psychological details, with foot reflexology it is possible to provide concrete help to these people with specific treatments.

Benefit 28: Relieves tension in the paravertebral muscles.

The muscles of the back, very often, also tend to tense. In the foot there are reflex zones related to the spinal muscles. These, if properly loosened, can give a feeling of immediate relief.

Benefit 29: Contains dioptric gain

The loss of vision is usually subordinate to liver activity. This occurs especially when we repress our aggressiveness and anger on a daily basis.

Benefit 30: Relieves back pain from hernias and protrusions

Protrusions and herniations are generally caused by a great tension of the paravertebral musculature, which negatively affects the discs. When you get stuck after a sudden movement, or after a wrong movement, 99% of the time it all depends on the presence of compression caused by the already existing tension. With good foot reflexology work, acute pain can be greatly relieved.

Benefit 31: Relieves frequent cramps and tendon problems

The liver also performs the task of controlling the muscles and tendons (the latter, in particular, are under the administration of the gallbladder). An excess of energy from the liver can lead to frequent cramps, while an intense or less intense discharge of energy can lead to injuries caused by laxity of the ligaments.

Benefit 32: Improves the entire urinary system (cystitis, urethritis, etc.).

The urinary system is very conditioned by the emotion of “fear”: every time we feel fear of something it is stimulated more. Thanks to reflexology we achieve more relaxation and consequently improvement of the urinary system.

Benefit 33: Improves panic attacks.

A valid help to definitively resolve panic attacks is represented by foot reflexology: the important thing is to know how to do it. In particular, the area of the adrenal glands should be worked, since an excess of adrenaline production can be the cause of these panic attacks.

Benefit 34: improved hearing function

Hearing function is a very complicated subject to both explain and resolve. The causes of hearing loss are many. In some cases, it is possible to improve this situation by working on the ear area: the problem, in fact, could be the presence of an ongoing inflammation.

Benefit 35: Counteracts water retention

Water retention is closely related to the “kidneys”, which sometimes have difficulties to function properly. In the foot there are reflex zones connected to the kidneys which, if properly stimulated, can give enormous and immediate results.

Benefit 36: Relieves bone and spine problems (posture)

By stimulating the kidney area in foot reflexology, it is possible to counteract the suffering linked to bone problems, as there is an energetic connection. In the feet, along the inner edge, we find the area of the spine that, with proper stimulation, can guarantee improvements even in incorrect postural attitudes. In this case, however, we will have to combine treatments directed also to the spine itself.

Benefit 37: Relieves joint pain

Foot reflexology is excellent for soothing joint pain. By treating certain reflex areas, it will feel like pressing a switch against the pain and turning it off, such are the benefits of foot reflexology that can be obtained.

Benefit 38: Relieves pain in the extremities

The legs and arms, in addition to the joints, have their own connections with the sole of the foot. By stimulating them in foot reflexology, we can strengthen the limbs, freeing them from those pathologies that can occur frequently (limbs that are very tense, hard and sometimes even with excess fat).

Benefit 39: Reduces stress state

Stress is the main cause of suffering for all of us. With foot reflexology, performed consistently (at least once a week), clear and real improvements can be achieved.

Benefit 40: Improve relationships with people

It may sound a little strange, but it is. A relaxed body and mind combined with a sense of well-being generated by foot reflexology improves relationships with people. When you are comfortable with yourself, you are also better with others.

Benefit 41: You work better and with more serenity.

As in the previous point, a good reflexology treatment also has a positive influence on the world of work: when there is more serenity, you think more clearly and are more productive.

Benefit 42: Limits excessive (or absent) sweating states.

If you have read all the benefits of foot reflexology, the best thing to do now is to try it!

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