Swedish massage

Swedish massage, also known as classical massage, is a type of massage of Western origin, invented in the 18th century by the Swedish gymnast, physician and physiotherapist Pehr Henrik Ling and later formalized by the Danish physician Johan Mezger. Many consider it the foundation of Western massage.

Dr. Ling was the first to organize and lay the scientific foundation for Western massage, drawing inspiration from Eastern Chinese massage.

What is the Swedish massage?

The Swedish massage is received lying on a special table, with the help of oils that facilitate the sliding of the hands over the recipient’s body. It can be, depending on the style of the masseuse and the preferences of the recipient, both very soft and slow, or more energetic.

Effects of Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is a particularly complete massage, which is well adapted according to the needs. In any case, the effects of Swedish massage are general relaxation, reduction of muscle stiffness, improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation. After a good massage, you feel energized and invigorated. The main objective is to achieve general relaxation, as well as reduce muscle stiffness, stimulate circulation and relieve pain.

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Thanks to Swedish massage it is possible to reduce recovery times after episodes of fatigue, since the stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation allows the drainage of lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic waste.

This massage can also be very useful for the treatment of some types of edema and improves the body’s self-healing capacity after injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

The intense manipulation that is carried out with specific Swedish massage techniques allows the muscles to be released from tension, making the ligaments and tendons more elastic and thus improving joint mobility and posture.

Massage stimulates the nervous system, contributing to physical relaxation and the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Even the skin, after the massage, considerably improves its appearance, becoming smooth and luminous thanks to the tactile stimulation and the elimination of the superficial layers of dead cells.

In short, the ultimate goal of Swedish massage is to provide the client with a feeling of mental relaxation and physical well-being, thus improving their general state of health.

All this is associated with better physical performance such as joint elasticity, muscle tone and ease, which are essential not only for athletes, but also in everyday life.