Preparar la piel para el verano

Summer skin: how to take care of it

The skin in summer is subject to major stress factors: heat, UV rays, the salinity of the sea which dries it out and tends to dehydrate it.

The skin of the whole body is a great indicator of the overall health of the organism. A number of external and internal factors can lead to a general weakening.

Exfoliating the skin, taking care of it, keeping it hydrated and nourished are the fundamental actions to put into practice through a series of small tricks.

For example, wearing clothes made of synthetic fabrics may have dehydrated your skin, or tight-fitting pants may have left you with water retention around your legs and buttocks.

In all cases, regardless of the physical conditions in which you arrive in the summer, it is important that before sun exposure the skin is prepared to enjoy its benefits. Before exposure to the sun, it is necessary to cure the skin of the after-effects of winter: dilated capillaries, dehydration, dull complexion and a few extra blackheads.

Summer skin preparation: face

To tan in the correct and healthy way without causing damage and to obtain a radiant and even complexion, you can follow different strategies. It is important to emphasize that it is not enough just to take care of the external appearance of the skin. It must also be nourished from the inside. Your outward appearance, in fact, is largely a consequence of your diet or, vice versa, of your poor health.

Therefore, we can take care of the good condition of the dermis by paying special attention to:

  • nutrition and physical activity
  • skin exfoliation
  • use of supplements
  • nutrition and hydration

The skin of the face is undoubtedly the most delicate and requires more care than that of the body. First of all, it is the one that is most exposed to inclement weather and the damage that can be caused by the cold. In winter, facial skin tends to dry out and crack due to the cold weather and wind. In addition, we tend to wear more makeup in winter than in the warmer season, another factor that can upset the skin’s balance in the colder months.

The rules for maintaining healthy facial skin are always valid, for all times of the year. First of all, it is essential to provide proper cleansing and moisturizing.

The mandatory steps of facial cleansing are, in fact:

Cleansing: by using cleansing milks or gels suitable for your skin type.

Skintimes Face Cleanser
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Use of a tonic: for an astringent action on the pores

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Application of moisturizing cream
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Another useful tool to revitalize facial skin is the use of a scrub.

Exfoliants are effective because they remove the superficial layer of the epidermis, cleansing it of dead cells. The exfoliator usually has two main functions: to remove dead cells and to rehydrate the facial skin with its fatty components.

It is applied to a freshly moistened face, approximately once a week, according to need. It is spread with circular movements and light pressure to “scrape” dead skin cells and impurities, such as blackheads. Then rinse, cleanse and apply moisturizer.

Before sun exposure

As mentioned above, the basic rules for facial care can always be used in all seasons. Specifically, however, when summer is approaching, it is worth paying special attention to some steps to follow before exposure to the sun to get the best tan.

The key steps to prepare you for the summer season and be able to achieve an even, golden tan are:

Take beta-carotene-based supplements:

beta-carotene, taken first for a month and then also during sun exposure. It is useful for the production of melanin and to prepare the skin for sunlight.

Fortalecedor y Prolongador del Bronceado
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drinking the right amount of water for your body – two liters is about the ideal amount – is essential to give your skin the proper internal nutrition.

Moisturize the superficial layer of the skin:

in addition to internal moisturizing, it is a good idea to apply a moisturizing cream to your face every day, after cleansing with the most suitable products for your skin type.

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During sun exposure

The skin in summer is certainly subject to great stress factors: the heat that makes it sweat, the UV rays that hit it, the salinity of the sea that dries it out and tends to dehydrate it. If, therefore, the face must be thoroughly cared for all year round, skin care must remain constant during exposure to the sun, indeed, if possible, more attention should be paid to it.

Por esta razón, es bueno tomar suplementos dietéticos a base de betacaroteno y vitamina E incluso durante la exposición al sol. Pero el factor más importante en verano es sin duda la protección. Hay que aplicar siempre un protector solar durante el verano y no solo es la regla principal para conseguir que los rayos no dañen la piel.

Unfortunately, UV rays are the worst enemies of facial skin health. This is why it is necessary to create a facial screen with sunscreens that have a high or medium-high protection factor. For the first exposures to the sun, when the skin is still very light, it is recommended to use a total sunscreen, 50+.

Don’t worry about your tan: even with very high protection, your skin will be able to tan.

However, when, after a while, the skin is used to the sun and, above all, has already reached a certain tan, you can decide to slightly lower the protection factor. However, it is advisable never to go below SPF 30. You can also continue to take supplements based on beta-carotene and vitamins A and E that help stimulate melanin, oxygenate the skin and also prevent oxidation.

Finally, if you spend a lot of time at sea during the summer vacations, it is likely that the salinity and wind will tend to dry out your skin. To remedy this problem, it is advisable, from time to time, to apply a moisturizing mask after your usual beauty routine. For example, for two nights a week, cleanse the face and apply a very moisturizing mask. This restores nutrition to the dermis of the face. Then follow with toner and mo

skin in summer

How to prepare the skin in summer: body

Typically, the mistake most people make when summer arrives is wanting to understand how to tan quickly, without reflecting on the advantages of gradual sun exposure. The winter season often leaves behind localized water retention, dull complexion and dead cells. Therefore, a number of strategies should be put in place for each of these problems.

Localized fat accumulation and water retention is one of the most common and unsightly consequences of winter. In most women, localized cellulite on the outer thighs and buttocks is common. As well as swelling in the abdomen and hips due to fluid retention. To effectively combat these imperfections before sun exposure, which will still help eliminate excess fluids, prepare yourself with the right products.

Mud wraps are often a good solution to this problem.

The effects will be evident and your body’s skin will be perfectly prepared to receive all the benefits of the sun.

Tratamiento exfoliante corporal y envoltura reductora
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As for the dead cells, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin in depth. This is why it is the best time for a professional body exfoliation.

Before sun exposure

The skin of the whole body must be properly prepared for sun exposure.

The ways to do this are many and varied. However, it is absolutely essential to help the skin from the inside. Follow a diet based on foods that increase the supply of beta-carotene and vitamin A, useful for the production of melanin. A diet based on these components is also a healthy food suitable for the hot season. Among the foods richest in vitamin A and beta-carotene:








chicory lettuce


It is no coincidence that many of these foods are orange and yellow. In fact, they are the biggest melanin boosters. In addition, fruits and vegetables both before and during sun exposure help rehydrate tissues, keep mineral salt levels high and combat oxidation of the skin by the action of the sun.

Another strategy that can certainly help the condition of the skin before sun exposure is physical activity. It will help you eliminate toxins and reoxygenate the skin all over the body. Even 30 minutes a day is enough, whether it’s a brisk walk, a jog or a full training course. This way you can achieve the goal of purified skin from the inside and visibly healthier skin on the outside.

Preparing the skin in summer during sun exposure

We must not make the big mistake of considering the skin of the body much less delicate than that of the face. A big mistake, but above all a cause of much damage. Protecting the skin of the body, especially in certain areas such as the décolleté, shoulders, abdomen, is essential. It prevents damage caused by the sun, from sunburn to skin aging. For these reasons, during sun exposure it is necessary to apply protective creams all over the body and, depending on the area, apply them with different protective factors.

The décolleté, for example, is a very delicate area, on which a protective cream SPF 50 should be applied, just like the face. In fact, it is exposed to UV rays as much as the face. Unfortunately, it is very common and widespread that one burns in this area due to lack of care. Similarly, the shoulders and abdomen are among the areas of the body most exposed to the sun and should be protected with SPF 30 and 50 creams.

It is very important to remember to reapply sunscreen from time to time, especially if, while on vacation by the sea, you often go swimming. In case you are then distracted and return home with a sunburn, the suggestion is to apply an aloe gel after the shower. Pure aloe vera, as found in gels, has among its benefits soothing and healing, therefore, the right action to treat stressed and sun-damaged skin.

There are also essential oils that help treat sunburn.

In our massage and esthetic center in Barcelona we perform all kinds of treatments to prepare your skin for the summer. We also offer a wide range of natural products for the care of your body.