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Spring: natural remedies against asthenia

Natural remedies to feel good during the change of spring season.

In spring the days get longer, the extra hours of daylight make us feel good and the temperature becomes milder. Winter is about to give way to the season of awakening and the explosion of nature. However, with spring also comes the typical fatigue of this season. This is a malaise that, every year from March to June, affects a large part of the population, and is associated with a feeling of exhaustion and weakness. We speak of “spring asthenia” from the Greek “Astenos” which means “without strength”.

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Changes in temperature and light require extra effort to adapt, and some individuals suffer more than others.
Because of the greater amount of sunlight, in spring we tend to lengthen our day.
This change of style, especially at the beginning of the season, makes us feel more tired. Light influences our physiology and consequently our brain activity, wake-sleep rhythm and mood.

Those who suffer from the so-called seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in early spring may be victims of more evident mood swings, difficulty concentrating and headaches.

Flower essences and essential oils to combat spring fatigue.
Findhorn flower essences
Flower essences help in case of physical and mental exhaustion, when there is prolonged overwork and stress. They are especially indicated for subjects who consume too much energy on a physical, mental and emotional level.

For a quick energy boost, to relieve fatigue and regain vitality, concentration and stamina, we recommend Life Force

Regain your zest for life when you’re exhausted.

If you want to both tone up and regain inner calm, the Calm me down formula will help you optimize your energy.

Seasonal Affections is specially developed to combat seasonal affections.

Serenity anti-stress is an aid against nervousness and is also effective against the accumulation of fat in the body.

Mental crises at the change of season: springtime drives towards overwork
Findhorn flower essences are ideal for relieving physical pain, especially headaches, due to overwork. They are especially recommended when there are difficulties in starting the day or the week, which is why they are called “Monday remedy”. Thanks to them, commitments are faced with serenity.

Essential oils
Rosemary essential oil has stimulating properties on the central nervous system; it is a valid help against fatigue, it gives immediate physical vitality and mental lucidity, it also stimulates the memory. It should be avoided during pregnancy and in subjects who have too high blood pressure.

Lavender essential oil is an excellent remedy for seasonal changes thanks to its stimulating and at the same time calming effect. It is indicated for tired and nervous people who need vitality and emotional stability to face stressful situations. It is also effective in cases of headaches and neuralgia.

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How to use essential oils to cope with the changing seasons
Given their high concentration, essential oils should preferably be used diluted in vegetable oil (e.g. sweet almond oil) or in a neutral cream.

It is sufficient to apply 2-3 drops on strategic points of the body: behind the nape of the neck, in the crook of the elbow, on the inner thighs. The maximum recommended dose is 10 drops per day.

For space balance: Findhorn Sacred Spaces Cleanser
Spray to be sprayed in the space, home or office. It helps to regain concentration and to face eventual changes, especially in case of being particularly sensitive to the environment.

One of its components is sandalwood, which is an excellent ally in case of mental fatigue. It relieves states of tension and promotes the link between body and spirit.

Supplement to reduce stress
In addition to Bach flowers and essential oils, the Seroton Activ complex is a regulator of moods and sleep rhythm to help in situations of stress and need for adaptation.

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