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Spring asthenia: sweet is sleep

At the beginning of spring it is normal to suffer from spring asthenia.

But what is it? Feeling tired, lack of strength, drowsiness, mood swings and lack of concentration. This happens because our body has not had time to gradually prepare itself for the climate change, for longer days, for summer.

It is the so-called “spring sickness” which, although it represents a temporary disorder, can worsen the quality of life and make it difficult to carry out normal activities.

What causes spring asthenia and how does it manifest itself?

The days are longer and the temperatures are milder, in spite of this it is common to experience a series of discomforts, such as insomnia, tiredness, irritability, nervousness and in some cases problems related to digestion. Our psychophysical balance is also affected, mood swings and lack of concentration, a temporary discomfort but that can worsen the quality of life and make it difficult to perform normal activities.

Why do we always feel tired in spring?

Even without specific health problems, spring fatigue is mainly attributable to the changing weather that affects the body.

Symptoms of spring fatigue

How does climate change affect people? Among the most common symptoms of spring fatigue we can find:

  • increased nervous tension
  • mood swings
  • sleep disorders
  • different perception of appetite in general with alterations in nutrition.

Even the change from daylight saving time to summer time, especially for those who usually suffer from insomnia, can be an additional disturbing element, resulting in a feeling of tiredness and weakness that persists throughout the day.

In addition, spring asthenia tends to affect those who are already in a state of stress due to personal problems or professional commitments, those who are physically weak and those who suffer from spring allergies or nutritional deficiencies, particularly of vitamins and mineral salts.

spring asthenia

What can be done to combat this fatigue when spring begins?

You can resort to supplements based on amino acids, Omega-3. In fact, omega-3 fatty acids should be part of any healthy diet. Increasing omega-3 intake during allergy season reduces inflammation and helps you breathe easier.

Natural products such as ginseng, eleutherococcus, guarana, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, honey, soy lecithin, wheat germ oil are also useful.

Aromatherapy against spring fatigue

Spring brings sleepiness and fatigue, largely due to the time change. So what can you do to get your sprint back on track and enjoy the summer?

La primavera trae consigo somnolencia y fatiga, en gran parte debido al cambio de hora. Entonces, ¿qué puedes hacer para recuperar tu sprint y disfrutar del verano?

Aromatherapy can be very effective in counteracting spring tiredness and even lack of appetite.

Sleep better

A good restful and uninterrupted sleep is the first step to feel better at the change of season. But insomnia is one of the most frequent “symptoms” of the arrival of spring.

Un sueño reparador y sin interrupciones es el primer paso para sentirse mejor con el cambio de estación. Pero el insomnio es uno de los “síntomas” más frecuentes de la llegada de la primavera.

Against poor appetite and exhaustion

Seasonal fatigue leaves the whole family without energy and a little apathetic. To intervene in an absolutely natural way on this annoying condition, aromatherapy proposes the essential oil of basil. It will be enough to smell a few drops (poured, for example, on a handkerchief) to feel more energetic and also to stimulate the appetite. In fact, a good diet (healthy and complete) is one of the most important prerequisites to regain strength in early spring.

Ready-to-use energy

An ideal essential oil to counteract spring tiredness is peppermint. The aroma given off by the mint leaf is a panacea not only for physical fatigue, but also for mental clarity and to stimulate concentration. For example, if the children are tired from homework or studying, you can vaporize a little peppermint essential oil in the room or, alternatively, a few drops of lemon essential oil. The latter is ideal to “smell” even in the morning, thanks to its invigorating and reactivating power.

Psycho-physical balance

For those who feel emotionally drained in spring, aromatherapy suggests the use of geranium essential oil. The latter has the ability to restore balance and “harmonize” the mind and body, calming anxiety and feelings of restlessness. Geranium essential oil can be used both for a relaxing massage (always diluting it in a pure base oil, for example in sweet almond oil), or diffusing it in the environment with a special diffuser. Geranium also has the recognized property of keeping insects away both from the home and from people. It is important to remember that essential oils should never be used pure on the skin, but always diluted in a vegetable “base” (or in a neutral cream).