Special Promotion

Special Promotion in beauty products and natural essences

Take advantage of this special promotion in honor to our new opening of the Aurum Well-being online store.

We have selected for you exclusive products 100% natural, for a complete care of the body and the mind, at incredible prices. They are now available in the online store at www.aurumwellbeing/shop you can comfortably buy the products and receive them at home.
Besides, as a special promotion for a new opening, we want to offer you a 5% discount on your first purchase by entering the code descuento5. In addition, you will enjoy of FREE shipping to the entire peninsula and the Balearic Islands from a purchase over € 40.

Special promotion on a wide range of products

Creams, facial care gels, body care, health, and hair beauty: makeup remover, eye contour, tonic, anti-wrinkle cream, moisturizing, anti-aging. Special products for sensitive skin.
Aurum Wellbeing collaborates with the brand, Academie, from 1890 to the advanced in research and development of cosmetic products.
promoción especial en productos de belelza
Aromatherapy and flower essences: to reestablish your emotional balance and the positive energy of your home and place of work. Original formulas based on the Bach Flower method to enhance your well-being. Find the floral essence that can help solve your emotional problems. For example, we have the floral Essence for Calm or the floral Essence of Love.


Dietary supplements to achieve an optimal level of wellness. Food integrators: vitamins, minerals, oligoelements, antioxidants, etc. Improve your appearance by assuming the nutrients that your body and skin need.

Accessories for your home: 
Humidifiers to which you can add essential oils or essence synergies to attract good energies to your space.
At Aurum Wellbeing, we work every day to offer you the best at the best price. Soon, we will have more products and new services for your personal care and wellness.
Thanks to this special promotion, we hope you will be encouraged to try our products to benefit from their incredible properties.
Call us at +34 664477019 to know more about the characteristics of our products or to ask us for advice on the formula best suited to your needs.