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SOS Concentration. How to improve it with essential oils.

How to improve concentration and increase memory with natural products

When you return to work and study, it is normal to feel anxiety. The longing to be at the beach and feel the sun does not help us to concentrate and the effort involved in changing our routine puts our memory to the test.

Fortunately, there are plants and food that help us to make this period less stressful and easier to overcome. Natural products and foods should be constantly accompanied by conscious breathing. In this way, we free the mind from superfluous thoughts and favor concentration.

Natural products and essential oils

There are essential oils that, if inhaled, promote concentration and help increase memory. Let’s see what they are and how to use them.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) essential oil is considered one of the best and most effective. Pour 6 drops of basil essence into a diffuser in the environment where you are studying or working. You can also put two drops on a tissue and inhale before doing an exam or a business meeting. This helps to stay focused by giving us the proper boost.

Basil essential oil is indicated in cases of nervous fatigue, intellectual overload and nervous insomnia. It is also effective in the resolution of difficult digestions, gastric and intestinal spasms and migraines of nervous or digestive origin.

The essential oil of lemon (Citrus limon) thanks to its high vibration favors concentration, understanding and memory.

Studies have been conducted in Japan where inhaling lemon essential oil in front of the computer has been shown to reduce typing errors by 54%.

Lemon essential oil is useful in case of both physical and mental fatigue. After intense efforts, as an energizer, it helps dissolve fatigue. Thus the essential oil of lemon makes you more active and vital. Thanks to its action on the hypothalamus, it can help clarify ideas in moments when a decision is needed and in case of internal conflicts. Facilitates logical and rational thinking, gives mental clarity promoting optimism.

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More essential oils to improve concentration

The essential oil of peppermint (Mentha piperita) has a clarifying effect on the brain by stimulating concentration and improving logic and memory.

Diffuse this essential oil in the room where we study or inhale its aroma by pouring two drops on a handkerchief.

Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis), thanks to its magical aroma, helps reduce fatigue by balancing our mood and promoting concentration. Inhaling rosemary essential oil increases the desire to do things, making us proactive, and stimulating memory.

In addition to improving long-term memory and the ability to perform mental arithmetic exercises, it also helps prospective memory.

Create a blend of these four essential oils. By spreading it in the room where we work, it will help us to stay calmer and more focused, stimulating our memory and psychic faculties.

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When it comes to going back to work or school, it’s easy to lose focus and feel anxious and stressed.

Frankincense essential oil helps in meditation. Through our sense of smell, emotions and creativity are influenced, instilling a sense of well-being, calm and relaxation. Very useful in cases of anxiety and fear.

By stimulating the logical faculties, bergamot essential oil helps to regain concentration in times of disorder. It also brings serenity. In particular, just put a few drops in the essence burner to benefit immediately.

Lavender essential oil helps calm the nerves and relax the mind.

The essential oil of laurel is stimulating, strengthens the ability to concentrate and memory. Just put a few drops in a diffuser to increase concentration and keep your memory alive.

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