shamanic healing

Shamanic healing: regain your power

Shamanic healing consists of asking the spirits for help to restore integrity, regain vital breath and psychic power In this spiritual practice, the energies that prevent you from enjoying fullness are unblocked. Shamanic healing is the healing of the soul. According to shamanic culture, all disorder that occurs on a physical and mental level is a reflection of an internal discomfort. The shaman’s job is to get in touch with the patient’s Soul and free him of blockages, suffering and toxic energies. Disease can also manifest itself as a result of the loss of a Soul fragment, due to particularly painful trauma.

The shaman, acting on the spiritual level, can find the part of the soul that has separated from the ego to bring it back to the source. According to the shamanic view, the disease of the Soul can manifest itself in many ways: lack of energy, depression, drug addiction, eating disorders, panic attacks, bad luck, insomnia and even through more serious pathologies. Health is a very delicate subject and that is why I want to clarify that Shamanic Healing in no way replaces medical treatment, but it can be a very important spiritual support for the patient and can help him find happiness and physical well-being.

Shamanic healing methods are: – The recovery of the soul – The recovery of the power animal – Energetic Purification – The accompaniment of the dead – Shamanic extraction

The shaman decides which method to use after consulting his allied spirits.

The Shaman does not act on the physical body, in the material dimension, but on the energy body in the spiritual dimension.

What is Shamanic healing?

Before starting the practice, we help you to clarify the objective of healing and to be ready to enter into contact with the spiritual field. Later, thanks to the collaboration of the spirits, the energy that is limiting and blocking is extracted and that prevents the person from being able to fulfill himself. It is very important to highlight that in shamanic healing the person has an active role, acts with the aim of restoring harmony and balance in his life. In fact, healing is a process that the shaman has activated, but it will be the person who has to carry it out. It also connects with the spirit of protection to feel more secure and regain emotional balance from a traumatic and painful experience. The shaman works in the spiritual reality of the invisible worlds, where he can meet the souls of living beings and the powers of the universe, bringing healing and wisdom. Every illness is the manifestation of inner disharmony, essentially due to three possibilities:

  • Presence of excess energies or powers
  • Lack of powers
  • Lack of parts of the soul.

Intrusion of other Souls or Spirits

In the altered state of consciousness usually obtained from the monotonous sound of the drum and With the help of his spirit, the shaman “sees” these intrusions that can appear as different objects, and makes an “extraction”, just like the surgeon in an operation. Keep in mind that this always happens in the invisible world. A more complex aspect is related to the intrusion of other souls or spirits, when the person is “possessed” by other souls, and in this case the shaman, with particular rituals and very delicate, it will make a real “Dispossession”.

In the event that the shaman, with the help of his spirits that can be guide animals or spiritual teachers of human likeness, “sees” that a certain thing is missing in the soul of the power person, he recovers it by blowing the power of an animal guide, what is necessary for the person in order to achieve healing. In situations where the person has suffered trauma or violent situations, it is possible that they have lost a part of their soul. The shaman in this case will recover the soul or, the pure essence, that during the trauma he left to survive. Also from the diagnostic point of view, the shaman follows the indications given by the spirits. They are the spirits of non-ordinary reality who do the real work of extraction or recovery and the shaman is the intermediary.

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What problems can be treated

You can greatly benefit from shamanic healing, especially in cases of:

  • acute phenomena such as inflammation and pain. E.g. toothache, abdominal pain, abscess, joint pain. These ailments can be easily treated by following the shamanic path.
  • chronic or recurrent illnesses or a general illness. For example gastritis or chronic colitis, arthritis, colic, frequent respiratory diseases, skin diseases …
  • bad luck, such as frequent accidents or misfortunes or obvious misfortunes in love or work.
  • intense out-of-control emotions such as anger, jealousy, temper, or anxiety and panic.
  • loneliness or dissociation, feeling of observing life instead of participating in it, feeling of observing oneself from the outside, etc.
  • addictions, for example. drugs or alcohol, but also other people, etc.
  • loss of meaning in life.