Uterus healing

Why is it so important for women to recognize and give presence to the uterus and resort to uterine healing?

Any woman can enjoy the benefits of uterine healing, even with hysterectomies. In fact, the information that remains in the space where the womb used to be can be accessed at any phase of its life.

If any of the following situations resonate with you, if you feel that:

  • Your periods are painful.
  • Premenstrual phase with pain, cramps, stiffness and other discomfort.
  • You have blocks, physical or unconscious, that prevent you from moving forward.
  • You have a hard time knowing what you want in your life.
  • You do not know or find it difficult to set limits in an assertive way.
  • You do not have enough security to carry out your projects.
  • You are in some process of internal change and you need to connect with your essence, start listening to your intuition.
  • You are apathetic, without illusion or vitality.
  • You don’t know how to develop your creativity.
  • Your sexual desire is not what you want or you lack libido.
  • You are disconnected from your needs or you don’t even know how to name them.
  • Emotional memories in the womb: we discover sexual energy

As a muscle that is part of the female reproductive and sexual system, it stores the emotional memories of its own beliefs and of our environment related to sexual energy and, or what is the same, vital energy.

Emotional memories are shown in our body through energy blockages, contractures, postural patterns, pathologies. Also as unconscious reactions given by our beliefs and experiences. Thus we have the key to clean and transmute everything that no longer serves us to advance.

Women carry limitations, conditioning and behavioral patterns that influence and condition our way of living and being in the world.

Religious influence, taboos, cultural and structural machismo, social norms, patriarchy. To a lesser or greater extent and whether we are aware or not, these imposed models restrict us and take us away from the great wisdom and empowerment that come with knowing and connecting with this source of sacred energy, which allows us to do, say, feel, create and be.

It is a process of will and courage. Reconnecting with the power over oneself is allowing us to observe and cleanse our body of blocked emotions. Consequently consciously, live and accept them to transcend them.

Each woman in her cyclicality is unique, acting active and receptive energies, associated with the female archetypes and lunar phases. Therefore, attending to each need, I propose different meditations and energy dynamics to accompany the therapeutic process.

Pack of 5 sessions of one hour each of uterus healing

As a therapeutic process for healing the uterus, in each session we will work with an archetype and its associated energies. These are Maiden, Mother, Shaman and Elder, to heal specific patterns, deepening and expressing their qualities.
It begins with uterine massage and body awareness. Thus we facilitate the specific meditation of the archetype. We also connect, clean and balance the memories and conditions that the uterus houses.
We integrate what appears and continue the process with a creative therapeutic proposal to accompany the process daily, until the next session, after a complete menstrual cycle.