Rudy Aguilar

Hello! My name is Rudy Aguilar, founder of Aurum Wellbeing. At Aurum Wellbeing we care about offering you the highest level of service in your personal care and well-being.

I am a professional beautician and masseuse with more than 5 years of experience in aesthetic treatments, massages and well-being, constantly training in different techniques and knowledge.

Check my full professional profile on LINKEDIN.

I hope to receive you soon in my center and attend you personally!

Karina Olmedo

My name is Karina Olmedo, I am a Manual Therapist and Yoga Instructor.

I have more than 5 years of experience offering manual therapies using different techniques seeking to help my clients achieve greater physical, mental and energetic well-being.

I work with techniques such as Chiromassage to offer Therapeutic, Sports, Relaxing and Decontracting Massage. I use Foot Reflexology for deep and organic work on all bodily functions. I also practice techniques such as Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage, Neurosedative Massage, and some energy balancing techniques, through the chakras, to complement well-being treatments.

I am dedicated to accompanying people to begin in Yoga, as well as to Training in Anatomy.

It will be my pleasure to assist you at Aurum Wellbeing

Miriam massager Barcelona

Miriam Duarte

My name is Miriam Duarte. I am an actress, dancer and body therapist. For 2 years I have been more focused on the world of massage.

I am trained in Chiromassage and Traditional Thai Massage in continuous training, expanding techniques and knowledge that promote well-being, balance and harmony in the body through my massages.

It will be a pleasure to serve you at Aurum Wellbeing


Soy Nadia, fisioterapeuta de profesión y vocación!

En el ámbito profesional practico una inclinación por las terapias manuales, el movimiento y la actividad física para el aporte de una óptima recuperación y bienestar de mis pacientes.

Tengo 9 años de experiencia en este ámbito, y estoy en continua formación y actualización de mis conocimientos a través de cursos y formaciones específicas como el Drenaje Linfático Manual, entre otros.

Espero conocernos pronto y aportar a tu bienestar!


Marta Ortega

I am Marta Ortega, I have been a Reiki teacher for more than 10 years, energy therapy where we seek to balance our chakras, which are energy vortices that are throughout our body. When these are balanced, there is a feeling of peace and balance both physically and mentally. I am also trained in Shiatsu, a decontracting and relaxing massage. I perform energetic massages where I combine different techniques such as Shiatsu, Reiki and relaxing massage.

For me it will be a pleasure to be able to assist you at Aurum Wellbeing and be able to accompany you to release both physical and emotional tensions

Maite Catimo Walang

I am Maite, a dietician and nutritionist. I have a diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and I have studied nutritional coaching.
I have been fortunate to see several ways to take care of yourself through diet.
I offer a totally personalized service giving nutritional guidelines made according to tastes, needs and taking into account pathologies, schedules, etc. I also apply different tools from nutritional coaching.
I like to carry out the consultation from a close distance and try to guide the person in what they need.

My vision regarding self-care in eating is based on the well-being of the person. And that implies knowing the person, what concerns they have, trying to guide them so that they know themselves better in relation to their diet. I am convinced that the rest of the areas or what surrounds him in his life, also has an impact on his well-being. I look at nutrition from a holistic perspective, because a person is made up of many aspects: their work, family, social and introspective life.
A deep look at how your diet encompasses is crucial to be able to carry out your goals, from the present and enjoying.

nutritional coaching Barcelona


Soy quiromasajista especialista en técnicas orientales como el Masaje Tailandés, Masaje Balinés, Kobido y Reflexología Podal. Certificada en España, Tailandia y Bali, tengo una trayectoria de años como masajista y también como formadora. He trabajado en algunos de los mejores Spas de Barcelona lo que le ha permitido tener un gran conocimiento tanto de las necesidades de cada cliente como una atención exquisita.

En mis sesiones me gusta mezclar técnicas de Masaje con otras técnicas holísticas como el Reiki, diseñando tratamientos exclusivos de acuerdo a las necesidades de cada cliente.


Me llamo Nicolas, soy quiromasajista profesional francés. Estudié en la escuela Sagrera Ferrandiz y tengo más de 10 años de experiencia.  A base de técnicas de quiromasaje, puedo realizar un trabajo profundo y completo con beneficios relajantes y terapéuticos. Todos los masajes los personalizo según la persona (descontracturante, Deep tissue, Anti-estrés, etc. ).

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