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Quarantine: how to avoid accumulating excess kilograms

We are all living in quarantine. We are also living the same and it is not easy. That’s why we want to do our bit to make it all more bearable and without any negative consequences for our physical, psychological or emotional well-being.

For those who are afraid of gaining weight during the quarantine, here are our tips.

Forced at home, unable to go to the gym, even unable to walk, we spend many hours inactive. Being at the computer or on the couch will end up taking its toll in 15 days.

For this reason we have thought of giving a series of recommendations to follow in order not to find ourselves with too many extra kilos and to keep us at our ideal weight or with the immune system too low.

How to avoid gaining too much weight during quarantine.
In these days of forced stay at home, taking on extra kilos is a risk with consequences not only for the line, but also for well-being in general.

The ideal diet for anti-coronavirus quarantine days (Covid-19)
To begin with, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sugar and complex carbohydrates and if you can, do not eat too much bread.

It is also recommended to limit the consumption of sugary drinks, drinking water is a much healthier and more advisable option for our body in this crisis, by itself already has a satiating effect.

On the other hand, the intake of vegetables and fiber should be increased. Of course, fatty foods should be avoided.

Nuts and raw vegetables are ideal to appease hunger cravings.

For a healthy meal, fish, white meats, eggs, low-fat cheeses are preferable. As condiments you can use extra virgin olive oil, lemon, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar.

It is better to eat fruits such as apples to slightly satiate the craving that may come between meals, preferably consumed before 18 for its high sugar content.

If you can not avoid snacking and you are very worried about gaining weight, we propose a natural product that produces satiety and reduces appetite.

Satiating and Appetite Suppressant For Weight Loss.

In addition, to burn fat and block absorption you have the following products:

Chito Forte that blocks the absorption of fats in the intestine.

Coffee Green accelerates the absorption of sugars and blocks their absorption in the intestine.

Sculptor Forte Burner with triple action on adipose tissue, lipolysis + fat elimination + stimulation of lymphatic and arterial venous circulation and reduces the need to ingest sweet foods.

If you are one of those who like to continue with your exercise routine even if it is not at the same level, we recommend this powerful Fat Burner with Ketone, Mango and Açai.


Eating a good diet is not enough. It is important, especially now, to move as much as we can, practicing physical exercise. For example, there are several Apps that help you to train regularly 20-30 minutes a day and without the need of sports equipment, only with your own weight.

Sedentary lifestyles also cause fluid retention. This is why it is so important to continue to maintain a physical exercise routine.

To promote a purification process and eliminate toxins we propose a diuretic and fat burning product.

For fluid retention and weight loss

Academie Draining Drink Body 500ml

You also have this other option:

How to fight anxiety and the urge to eat
Anxious hunger pushes us to eat uncontrollably.

In fact when we are worried or nervous we tend to eat more. When we are more anxious, we eat more, however, when our weight increases and our body changes, we feel even worse.

Worries multiply and with them anxiety. Consequently, eating becomes a daily action that gives us a bit of relaxation.

In an attempt to relieve tension, plants come to our aid, especially Findhorn flower essences.

Calm me down is the star product among several options that you can consult in our complete article.

You also have in our online store Serenity, based on plants and natural products. It helps to reduce food cravings while avoiding fat accumulation in the abdomen and hips.

Last but not least, we also recommend these detox products in case of heavy digestions:
Aromacaps Digestion, regulates digestion, facilitating and eliminating the feeling of bloating and constipation.

Aloe Activ, acts as a mild laxative in case of constipation.

Detox Aromacaps, made with essential oils, facilitates the elimination of toxins accumulated in our body with ease.

And of course, you can not miss Hepa Clean, made with natural products and organic farming that helps our liver and body to regain balance.

In conclusion, we can certainly avoid accumulating the extra kilos that experts predict in this quarantine. On the one hand eat well and do not stop exercising. On the other hand, we can also receive support from a careful selection of natural products.

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