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Quarantine Anxiety: Improving Stress in the Coronavirus Season

Most people, being forcibly confined, are experiencing anxiety because of quarantine.

Do you also feel frustration, boredom, fear, anger, insomnia and difficulty concentrating? This is normal.

In fact, loneliness, depression and stress are psychological effects of isolation and lack of social contacts.

One of the reasons for anxiety due to quarantine is that being forced to stay at home limits the amount of exercise that each of us does. Forced inactivity is particularly dangerous for people with pre-existing conditions, but it can also be a problem for physically healthy people.
Conversely, a sense of closeness and community aids health and makes it easier to adopt and maintain healthy habits.

Anxiety Coronavirus

Tips for dealing with quarantine anxiety
Anxiety is defined as a pathological state due to a set of even very different symptoms. Among them we highlight shortness of breath, palpitations, tachycardia, chest or abdominal pain, sweating, nausea, insomnia, migraines.
These days we have a strong feeling of restlessness or apprehension, fear, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, memory disturbances. These symptoms combine with each other in various ways, creating a very complex picture that usually ends up being unsustainable.
Then, when these same symptoms present themselves in an accentuated form, anxiety can even present itself in a disabling form. Thus one can experience fixed or sporadic tremors, very strong sweating, sudden hot flushes, dizziness, general instability.
As for panic attacks, they are nothing more than a particularly pronounced form of anxiety.

Natural products that can soothe or prevent anxiety

For cases of crisis, there is also Findhorn First Aid Combined Flower Essence at your disposal, which helps to return to calm.

Also Findhorn Clear Light Combination Flower Essence brings you peace and mental clarity. In addition, in this same line of combined flower essences you have Karma Clear that brings understanding in difficult processes, Voice Confidence is an aid to increase confidence. For insomnia the one that works best is Sweet Dreams and it has been proven to work wonders.

List of essential oils for anxiety

Rose Damascena Absolute

Jasmine Absolute

Ylang Ylang





2 – 3 minutes of breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing techniques are a valuable aid in controlling and calming anxiety.
Slow and prolonged exhalations are alternated, controlling the emission of air until the lungs are completely empty, compressing the diaphragm and abdominal muscles well and subsequent inhalations. These movements massage the stomach, which will facilitate the release of blocked gases into the interior. The