Protection for Dry Skin in Winter

If you suffer from dry skin in winter, here at Aurum Wellbeing we give you tips on how to moisturise and protect it naturally.

Because of the cold and wind, skin is more vulnerable in the winter months. If it is not properly cared for, dermatitis, erythema and other effusions can occur.

In winter, the skin constricts its blood vessels to retain heat. Thus, as it receives less nourishment from the blood, it slows down the production of fats capable of retaining water and keeping it soft and hydrated.

The most exposed parts of the body are the face and hands.

The problem of dryness and cracking is due to damage to the outer protective layer of the skin which becomes red, dark and itchy. Of course, apart from the hands, most of the danger of dry skin in winter is the face which is in constant need of protection.

piel seca en invierno

Dry skin in winter: the causes

Seasonality plays a key role in the health and well-being of the skin. Not only harsh winter temperatures and climatic factors, but also the constant stay in overheated environments cause skin problems.

But other causes also contribute, such as frequent and too hot washing, unsuitable soaps and the use of medication over a long period of time.

Hereditary factors or ageing can also be the cause of dry skin.

Warning signs of dry winter skin

So, to understand if your skin is not “in shape”, here are the symptoms that should not be overlooked.

– very tight skin, especially after showering or bathing

– flaking

– itching sensation

– redness

All are warning signs that our body sends us to let us lend a hand and rush to its aid.

Effective remedies for stressed skin

In winter it dries out easily, mainly due to the cold, which affects the skin barrier. But to avoid this effect we must be constant in hydration and nutrition.

Our products are ideal for dry and dull skin.

Make-up Remover Micellar Water

Make-up remover, cleanser, deep moisturiser and toner

Protective tonic

Prodigious moisturiser

Dry skin is a delicate skin when exposed to external agents. Proper cleansing helps to protect and moisturise it. This prevents it from cracking, “pulling” and causing discomfort such as itching or redness.

Essential oils for dry skin

Let’s see what the most suitable essential oils for dry skin are and how to use them.

Among the most useful essential oils for dry skin are avocado, coconut, jojoba and sesame.
To treat dry skin, we can choose just one of the essential oils mentioned above or a blend of two or three essential oils.

Complete formula Calmaderm

Protección y cuidado de pieles irritadas

Protection and care for irritated skin

Calmaderm is specially formulated with vegetable oils and essential oils to promote skin care in cases of irritation, providing optimal skin regeneration and soothing the skin. It is also a good antiseptic.

Academie Hypo-Sensitive Skin Cream for Sensitive Skin

Used daily, our dry skin cream strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and soothes irritation. Lanolin moisturises and softens the skin.