Post liposuction lymphatic drainage massage

Post liposuction lymphatic drainage massage is highly recommended to avoid swelling, stiffness, keloids, in the area that has undergone surgery.

Liposuction interrupts the flow of the lymphatic system and therefore inflammation occurs.

To reactivate the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, it is indicated to perform post-liposuction lymphatic drainage sessions

In addition, more benefits are obtained, such as an improvement in the appearance of the skin, which is even younger.

The lymphatic system is also responsible for the proper functioning of our immune system. So helping the body to detoxify itself from toxins is reflected in an improvement in overall health.

Post liposuction lymphatic drainage massage: technique and benefits
Post liposuction lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that acts on the lymphatic vessels to eliminate swelling or edema. In particular, this massage aims to reactivate lymphatic circulation to avoid accumulations of impurities. The sessions are carried out through spiral movements that are practiced on the lymph nodes. The masseur’s maneuvers will be very delicate, since this technique acts on the lymphatic vessels, which are finer than the blood vessels.

The main movements with which to carry out this massage consist of circles made with the fingers to move the lymph, pressure with the thumbs and use of overlapping hands.

Lymphatic drainage is excellent after surgery. In general, it helps the proper functioning of the metabolism and prevents swelling that accumulates in the legs, buttocks or abdomen. In practice, the masseur’s hands move the liquid that is usually found between the skin and the muscles and makes it come out through the lymphatic vessels. This massage can solve problems of edema or swelling, linked to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues.

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