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Cuidado de la piel Barcelona

Autumn Skin Care

Autumn Skin Care with Aurum Wellbeing: An Essential Guide

Autumn, with its crisp air and golden leaves, is a lovely season, but it also brings with it specific challenges for the health of our skin. The change of season means adapting our care routine to address the needs of this period. In this article, we’ll explore in depth the needs of autumn skin and how Aurum Wellbeing products can help you keep your complexion radiant and healthy.

Deep moisturizing: combating dryness

Autumn is a time when moisture in the air decreases, which can leave your skin dehydrated and rough. It’s vital to supply it with deep hydration to keep it soft and supple. Aurum Wellbeing’s moisturizing products are the answer.

Aurum Wellbeing face creams, formulated with high-quality natural ingredients, are ideal for keeping your skin well hydrated during the fall. Look for products that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and shea butter, which have the ability to retain moisture and restore the skin barrier. These ingredients help prevent dryness.

The use of a moisturizer in the morning and at night, after cleansing, is essential. This will not only provide hydration, but will also seal in moisture, protecting you from the adverse effects of dehydration.

Continuous sun protection

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of sun protection. However, the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause damage even in autumn. Aurum Wellbeing sunscreens are your defense against this constant risk.

Aurum Wellbeing’s line of sunscreens is designed to provide you with effective protection. These products not only protect against harmful rays, but also help prevent premature aging and sun damage. Even on cloudy days, UV rays can penetrate, so sun protection should be a fundamental part of your routine all year round.

Gentle exfoliation: renewing yourself in autumn

Gentle exfoliation is essential to remove dead skin cells that can build up during the fall. Not only can these dead cells dull your complexion, but they can also clog pores and cause blemishes.

Aurum Wellbeing offers gentle exfoliating products that are ideal for this task. These products, often formulated with natural ingredients, help to effectively remove dead skin cells without causing irritation. This is essential for maintaining a radiant complexion while preventing dryness and roughness.

Gentle exfoliation should be done once or twice a week, depending on your skin type. This will help stimulate cell turnover and maintain fresh, glowing skin all fall long.

Nutrition with natural ingredients

Autumn is a season rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Aurum Wellbeing products are enriched with natural ingredients that can nourish and protect your skin, keeping it healthy and with a natural glow.

Look for products that contain ingredients such as rosehip oils and vitamin C. Rosehip oil is known for its regenerative properties and ability to improve skin texture. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and stimulates collagen production, which helps keep skin looking youthful and radiant.

Personalized treatments

Every skin type is unique, and at Aurum Wellbeing, they understand the importance of personalization. The products and professional treatments we perform are tailored to your specific needs, whether you have dry, sensitive, oily or mature skin. This ensures that your skin receives the right treatment to thrive in the autumn environment.

Customization means you can effectively address your skin’s needs. For example, if your skin tends to dry out in the fall, you can opt for products that are richer in moisture. If you have sensitive skin, you can choose products formulated to minimize irritation.

Treat yourself to the care you deserve in autumn.

In short, the changing seasons can be a challenge for the skin, but with Aurum Wellbeing’s line of products, you can effectively address these specific needs. Their natural and customizable products are your ally in maintaining healthy, radiant skin throughout the fall. Take advantage of this season to pamper and nourish your skin with Aurum Wellbeing’s quality products and professional treatments. Your skin will thank you with a radiant and healthy complexion all season long.

Main benefits of Reiki, wellness and balance

In this article we want to highlight the benefits of Reiki on the balance of emotions and health.

Reiki in Japanese means “spirit” and “life force” and is born at the end of the 19th century.

It is a method to strengthen awareness and exploration of the inside.

Beneficios reiki

The discipline of Reiki is based on the concept that body and mind are one entity, and the universe is but an extension of ourselves. Through the energetic body junctions, or chakras, passes the same energy that moves the planets. This balance allows man to tune not only to universal forces, but also to his own body.

Simply put, Reiki is just a passage of clean, strong energy from one individual to another. The result is a sense of well-being that helps in the treatment of physical, mental or emotional illnesses.

The main benefits of Reiki

  1. A reiki session is able to act on difficulties in the relaxation process and stimulates deep connection with emotions
    2. It can help combat insomnia problems, improving the balance of sleep-wake cycle functions.
    3. When we work on reducing stress, it often happens that chronic pains and psychosomatic diseases decrease
    4. As studies show, a state of deep relaxation helps strengthen the immune system
    5. Stimulates cell regeneration, lymphatic system and endocrine system.

Beneficios del Reiki

Be aware of your strength

Reiki, Therapy to overcome traumas and regain psychophysical balance.

We raise the levels of energy and concentration, we are in a state of openness that leads us to reconsider our blocks.

How does reiki work?

During a reiki session, the hands act as a heat conductor. Those who receive treatment are open to empathic contact capable of generating a climate of trust and deep calm. It is based on the simple, very old concept that the body heat, produced naturally by each of us, can positively influence. in the release of emotions. It actually allows us to enter into a relationship with the flow of our feelings at a deep level.

Beneficios del reiki

What’s a Reiki session like?

During a Reiki massage the operator gently touches specific areas of the body. Thus transmits its pure and clean energy to the recipient of the “massage”.

Reiki’s treatment aims to “reopen” the energy poles of the body by imposing hands and infusing vital energy of a healthy subject, the “masseur”, to the recipient, who may have lost balance. This step of energy must take place in a suitable environment, calm and relaxed, and, despite the light touch of the operator, something profound happens that, in many cases, is recorded at a level above all emotional.

Through Reiki treatment, the recipient regains his psychophysical balance in a state of complete abandonment and confidence, and experiences a form of inner spiritual awakening capable of releasing effects.

Among the benefits of Reiki the most important is that it helps the body to relax. Thus one enters into deep harmony with himself, his needs and the duties of the world around him.

On a more practical level, strengthening the body and mind in a comprehensive way, this discipline reduces the effects of insomnia and activates the immune system.

Let energy flow by focusing on the goal of treatment: wellness.

Citronella against mosquitoes: natural essential oil and diffusers

The Citronella plant against mosquitoes is effective to ward off annoying insects especially in summer.

Citronela plant against mosquitoes is a natural option

  • There are more than fifty species of Citronella, cultivated mainly in Asia. Only two essential oils are used to produce Citronella: Cymbopogon Nardus and Cymbopogon Winterianus.Especially Winterianus, also called C. of Java, is the species used to extract the essential oils hated by mosquitoes.The essence of Citronella is of immediate effect to eliminate mosquitoes and insects

    100% natural product
    Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
    Effective immediately

Citronela contra los mosquitos

Antimosquitos organic essential oils diffusers

When the heat arrives, the mosquitoes that bother with their buzz and bites also arrive. Classic repellents are often used but their action is not “healthy” due to chemical agents. A healthier method to combat them is undoubtedly the essential oil of Citronela against mosquitoes.

If you want to rest in peace and protect children from insects, Citronela essential oil is a better solution than classic repellents. In fact it does not leave odors and contains no chemicals.

Special diffusers for essential oils that do not alter the properties of the essences

citronela contra los mosquitos

Diffusers can be placed inside and outside, on terraces or gardens or over windows.

You should opt for ultrasonic models or cold diffusers. Unlike burners, these two types do not alter the properties of oils.

Diffuser of essences by ultrasound

In the ultrasonic essential oils diffuser water is inserted into the appropriate container. A transducer inside is heated with electrical energy and this allows the diffusion of the essence (also the oil is inserted in the container).

Diffuser of essences in cold

Like the previous diffuser, the cold essence diffuser retains the properties of essential oils. It is made with eco-friendly bamboo fiber, wood and blown glass.

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How often is a massage necessary?

How often is a massage necessary?
This is a question that I often ask people in consultation about massage. There is no definite rule for answering this question.

There are various personal factors of each to consider. For example the time, the economy, the level of stress that a person can accumulate for his work, responsibilities, sports practice, etc.

I recommend depending on these factors and the needs of each person as minimum one massage per month. This way you can release the tensions that are accumulating in the day to day and these tensions are not allowed to settle in the body. In fact the muscles, by accumulating so much tension, are getting shorter. This can bring various mobility problems. Flexibility can even be lost and pressure can sometimes occur in areas where there is some nerve branching, such as the neck or lumbar area.

All of the above can cause a lot of pain and even cause sciatica or cervical pain. Those who suffer from cervical pain may have dizziness. A kind of heaviness is usually noticed, as if carrying a heavy backpack.

In the case of sports massages it is highly recommended to do at least 1 massage every 2 weeks and if every week is better. The stress to which the body is subjected during training can be very high. In addition, it is very beneficial because it discharges all muscle tension, prevents possible injuries, eliminates adhesions, helps in the recovery phase and increases physical performance.
A professional massage can represent an effective remedy to cure any disease. It is also a method of preventing some ailments. It is contraindicated in case of acute colds, fever, severe inflammation, hemorrhaging,skin diseases.

The duration depends a lot on the area to work and the needs of the body.

For full body I recommend you choose at least an hour or 90 minutes.

If the massage is descontracturante or deep tissue, depends on the area, whether it is shoulders and neck with 30 minutes are ok.

For complete back and it is the first time you do a massage or have a lot of tension it is best 45 minutes or 1 hour. Usually, unfortunately, it usually waits until the body has accumulated too much tension and then it takes its time to release all that tension that sometimes accumulates for years.

The benefits of a well-done relaxing massage are immediately perceived. Relaxation interests the body and mind, influencing circulation and eliminating toxins. The muscles regenerate and the sense of heaviness decreases. Massages also improve the quality of sleep, and increases the energies.

As I said before there is no fixed rule. If you have the time, the necessary economy and suffer from stress from your job or responsibilities, more is better. Massage will help you get into that state of relaxation you need. Even if it is only an hour your body will appreciate it and you can give more of yourself and better in everything you do.

In conclusion, more is better, and don’t postpone it please do it for the care your body needs. Your body is your container and it is always better to have a healthy and well-kept body, otherwise, in the end, tensions take their toll.

Massage oils: Aromatherapy is the best option.
If you want the experience to be more personalized you can add essential oils and get the best results you are looking for in the shortest time. Aromatherapy helps you to work in depth with your physical body and relax your mind and emotions more because smells connect with our limbic system and these can help you find peace in moments of crisis.

The essential oils of plants and flowers are quite powerful and thanks to the fact that they are completely natural their absorption is usually very fast, even by the olfactory way.
Here we leave you our recommendations that are prepared that are ready to use and enjoy
Relax Zen: With essential oils specifically to disconnect and relax.

Muscle Oil: If you are a sport practitioner or accumulate tension and what you need is a decontracting massage this is the best option for you.

Oil Dren: Formula specially designed to combat tired legs, fluid retention, dry skin and lymphatic system problems. You can accompany it with the treatment of Lymphatic Drainage Manual.

Celuderm: This formula is intended to combat cellulitis and eliminate it, its use is recommended daily. In addition, by its composition of essential oils releases the body of toxins, making a detox and purifying effect.

Firm Oil: Specifically designed to bring firmness and tone back to the skin when it is lost. Also for its combination is an excellent moisturizer and can be used in cases of stretch marks.
At Aurum Wellbeing we are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
You can send us an email to: o a nuestro WhatsApp  +34 664 477 019
Or visit us in Barcelona:

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Aromatherapy. It adds beneficial effects to massage. What is it and what is it for?

What is Aromatherapy, what is it for and how does it work?

Aromatherapy is a therapy through aromas. It uses essential oils (the aromatic part of the plant) extracted from whole plants, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and resins of trees and plants that work on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of people and animals. There are different methods to obtain the essential oil, which is the aromatic part of the plant, among the most used we have:

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years and has given good results. Especially in massage, a few drops are added to the base oil. Depending on the essence used, different effects are achieved. In general the essences I use in my practice are wintergreen, rosemary and sage. Thanks to this combination aromatherapy works on a deep muscular level and also on a mental level so that the person relaxes and thus in one session achieves the maximum possible result.

Main essences of Aromatherapy

Main essences of Aromatherapy

It is useful for relieving muscular pain and joint pain. It also slows down skin ageing, promotes memory and concentration. At the same time it stimulates the gall bladder. It relieves coughs, colds and flus by helping to expel accumulated mucus from the respiratory tract. Rosemary essential oil stimulates blood circulation and helps to regulate menstruation. On the other hand, it favours the proper functioning of the digestive system and helps to regulate fats.

It is used to combat fluid retention. It combats drowsiness thanks to its stimulating effect. It improves irritated and sensitive skin, eczema and dermatitis and helps to mitigate acne. Rosemary essential oil improves the symptoms of rheumatism and gout. It accelerates wound healing. Finally, it fortifies the scalp, is a natural remedy to combat dandruff and stimulates hair growth.

Rosemary essential oil is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The chemotyped essential oils of wintergreen olorosa relieve muscle pain associated with physical exhaustion, back pain, arthritis and any musculoskeletal problems. It helps to relax muscles and decreases inflammation of joints and tendons.


has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is recommended in cases of illnesses such as rheumatism, arthritis, as well as to relieve muscular pain. It also acts as a muscle relaxant. For this reason, some sportsmen and women turn to sage when their muscles are sore due to a bad movement or overexertion.

If you are allergic to any scent or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, the use of aromatherapy essences in massage is contraindicated.

More than 20 reasons to enjoy a massage

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a method included in the field of alternative therapeutic practices recommended by the WHO, World Health Organization of the UN.

It is also a therapeutic practice in which there is, so to speak, a receiver of universal energy. The universal energy surrounds everything, and transmits it to another person, plant, animal, event, emotion etc… Reiki today is having more and more boom due to its positive effects for those who receive this type of therapy.

How does Reiki work through the body?

Well, basically balancing the subtle energies of the person receiving it, that is, if you are stressed or shocked, Reiki will bring you to a state of peace and tranquility. For example we can imagine waves that go at high speed and are disorderly. Suddenly they are subjected to a frequency of waves that are slower and more orderly. Ultimately the encounter between these two frequencies will bring them into balance. Since the Universal Energy has more strength, it will make the others go at the same rhythm.

How many Reiki sessions are needed to become balanced?

I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions. However, it depends on the person, their evolution and adaptation to the change. There are people who feel better with 2 sessions, there are others who need a little more than 4.

Reiki is not any kind of religion, it is a healing system that can be used at any time of our lives, or as a personal development by doing sessions to ourselves.

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