Benefits of Sesame Oil

You will be surprised to learn about each of the benefits of sesame oil.

Where does sesame oil come from?

Sesame seeds are known by the scientific name Sesamum indicum. They are small yellowish-brown seeds found mainly in Africa, but also grow in smaller numbers on the Indian subcontinent. Sesame oil, which comes from sesame seeds, is one of the least known vegetable oils. However, it is one of the healthiest alternatives to regular vegetable oil options.

Sesame oil has gained popularity in recent years. On the one hand, sesame oil is relatively inexpensive to extract (simple hot water floating or a variety of pressing techniques). On the other hand, the oil is best acquired when the seeds are fully mature. That is when the outer shells burst. The problem is that the seeds require manual processing. For that reason, the overall production of sesame oil is not as high as other vegetable oils, despite the very healthy aspects.

Benefits of sesame oil in massage practice

Sesame oil is used in massage practices because of its very powerful effects on the body and its beneficial effects on the skin. It also has a wide range of health benefits. So it is also a carrier oil for various cosmetic products.

To begin with, a relevant characteristic of oil, in general, is that its molecules are small in size. For this reason, I like to use oil as a base for massage thanks to its high absorption into the skin.

Specifically, the health benefits of sesame oil are incredible.

On the one hand, it can improve hair and skin health. It also strongly stimulates bone growth and promotes dental health. It lowers blood pressure and boosts heart health. It also controls anxiety and depression. It is optimal for children’s health. It improves the digestive process and inflammatory states. It even prevents cancer.

In short, sesame oil is considered so healthy because of the impressive amount of vitamins, minerals, organic compounds, and other beneficial components.

Sesame oil health benefits

Hair Health

Sesame oil has traditionally been used to improve hair health. It can help to darken hair color and also eliminate hair loss. In addition, the sesame oil’s antibacterial effects can help eliminate any pathogens or foreign bodies that may attack your scalp or hair.

Skin Health

Sesame oil is rich in zinc, which is one of the most important minerals in the body for your skin. It can increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Because of this, it helps to reduce the appearance of age spots and fight premature aging.

Sesame oil can also be used as sunscreen, as it creates a protective layer on the skin. It represents an optimal alternative to protect the body. This avoids the application of foreign substances or toxins that penetrate the skin. In some cultures, sesame oil has even been used to treat fungal skin diseases.

Heart health

Like most vegetable oils, sesame oil is both useful and delicious in foods because of its fatty acid content. Sesame oil contains a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including sesamol and sesamin. This can keep the cardiovascular system balanced by controlling cholesterol levels. As a result, it reduces atherosclerosis. This means you are better protected from heart attacks and strokes if you add sesame oil to your diet.

Bone growth

There are many important minerals that can be found in sesame oil, especially copper, zinc, and calcium. These three minerals are integral to bone growth in the body. Consequently, by maintaining an adequate level of sesame oil in your diet, you can help increase the rate of bone growth and development. At the same time, it accelerates any bone healing or regrowth. As you age, sesame oil can help prevent osteoporosis and other age-related bone weaknesses.

Anxiety and Depression

Tyrosine is an amino acid found in relatively high amounts in sesame oil. Tyrosine has been directly linked to serotonin activity and its release in the brain. By this it improves mood by flooding the body with enzymes and hormones that make a person feel happy. In other words, when you are suffering from anxiety or depression, sesame oil can help give you a positive boost!


Oral Health

Sesame oil is highly recommended by dental professionals. You swish the oil in your mouth and then swish it around before spitting it out. This method has been directly linked to whiter teeth and lower levels of dental plaque. It also provides effective protection against mutants streptococci that can contribute to some diseases. The powerful antibacterial effects of this oil are the main factor in its use to benefit dental health.

Cancer Prevention

Sesame oil contains an organic compound called phytate. This element has been directly linked to a reduction in the development of cancer. In addition, the levels of magnesium in sesame oil are unusually high. This mineral is directly linked to lower chances of colon and rectal cancer. The calcium content is also very beneficial in preventing colon cancer.

Circulation and Metabolism

Thanks to copper and zinc the body is able to function at its optimal levels. Mainly copper is required for the production of red blood cells. With a significant percentage of copper in sesame oil, your body is sure to get the right amount of blood flowing to the organs and tissues. This ensures a healthier and more energetic lifestyle!


Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. For this reason, the high levels of copper found in sesame oil can help reduce inflammation. It also improves various conditions such as gout and arthritis. It reduces joint inflammation and strengthens bones and blood vessels. Keeping the structure strong and resilient for many years reduces painful inflammation.

A final word of caution

If you are taking anti-coagulant medications and other substances, it is advisable to talk to your doctor before adding sesame oil to your diet.



aromatherapy diffusers

The best diffusers for aromatherapy

Desintoxicarse alcohol

6 essential oils to detox from alcohol

How to use essential oils to detox from alcohol?

Whether you’ve decided to cut down your alcohol intake or because you’ve been drinking a lot lately, the purpose of these essential oils is to help the process of eliminating toxins.

What we are going to talk about is the use of essential oils to detox from alcohol, that is, how they can help you recover from excess alcohol.

When the body begins to detox from alcohol, some of these symptoms may occur:

  • Nausea and sweating.
  • Stomach aches.
  • Irritability.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Insomnia and tremor problems.
  • Fast heartbeats.

How can essential oils help in a detox process?

Essential oils are powerful natural plant extracts that provide us with many benefits for different types of diseases. They are known, in fact, for their anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antidepressant, etc. properties.

Let’s take a look at how these oils work to help the body detox from alcohol:

  • They help with anxiety, contributing to relaxation.
  • They help locate and break down toxins.
  • They calm the body and brain, allowing you to rest.
  • They draw toxins from the organs, increasing the body’s production of sweat and urine.
  • They help reduce insomnia problems.

After having listed the benefits that essential oils can have on our body in detoxification, let’s see in detail what oils we are talking about:


Peppermint oil allows you to recover and maintain concentration. It can also relieve migraines and stomach pain.


It can be used to relieve stomach pains and as a diuretic, eliminating dangerous poisons. Juniper essential oil can also help relax the brain and reduce anxiety.


It has diuretic properties and, in addition to aiding in detoxification efforts, it increases the general well-being of the organism.


It is notorious that lemon has astringent properties. One of the benefits of lemon oil is to relieve pain and lymphatic and respiratory difficulties. It can also be used to reduce body irritation.


Grapefruit is very helpful in detoxifying alcohol. It kills germs that cause infections within the body and also acts as a diuretic, helping to remove alcohol molecules among other waste and poisons.


It is used to help relax the body and prepare it for detoxification. It also provides strong support to the circulatory system.

How to use essential oils to detox from alcohol?

One or a combination of these methods can be used:

Through an essential oil diffuser: all you have to do is introduce your chosen essential oil from those listed and let it spread throughout the room.

Use the essential oil of your choice by placing it in a ceramic container, with or without water, and then place it over a heat source. It will have more or less the same effect as the diffuser, but less effective.

In the hands. You can put a couple of drops in the palms of your hands and take a deep breath.

We hope that our information will bring you relief and help you at this stage.

Ritual Barcelona

The new year is coming: what is the best ritual for you

Doing a ritual can mark an excellent start to the year. In fact, the New Year is a festival that is celebrated all over the world with purifying and propitiatory rituals for the coming year. What unites all civilizations that celebrate the New Year is, in fact, the desire to mark a point in time that separates the old year from the new year to close with the past and open to the future.

We propose these simple rituals that have a great impact on both our body and the unconscious because every ritual promotes both balance and harmony. Remember that you must always be present in you and aware when performing a ritual.

1. We honor our body and soul

Every moment of the day is a sacred time to honor who we are and can be accompanied by a ritual designed to celebrate the rebirth of our beauty and connection to Mother Earth. Give yourself a few hours of solitude and relaxation, leaving your phone and PC turned off. The environment, in fact, is really essential for this beauty ritual to be effective against stress. Pamper your senses with music and scented candles. If you have a bathtub, you can put a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil to enjoy a better relationship.

2. Infuse good energy into the environment

with the special Cleaner of the energy of the space. We can spread it in the home environment, in the office and in all those places that need lightness and luminosity. Thus we are prepared to face a new day with aroma, energy and well-being. Use our elegant scent diffusers that evenly disperse the aroma in the environment, moisten the air and improve our mood. You can choose from different types, from the electric aroma diffuser to the ultrasonic aroma diffuser to the luxury aroma diffuser with a stylish design.

3. Ritual for the care and nutrition of the face

We start the day offering our favorite fragrance of Aromatic Rose Water to the clean face to dance the day in beauty, awaken our heart, body and soul. Vaporized or with touches on white cotton balls, it is a real food for our skin and not only, also taken orally or sprayed in the environment, it generously offers its properties.

We continue to awaken our senses with the Tonic to provide balance and sweetness. We leave our skin a few minutes to wait to continue with the Cream. A light cream but with a great appeal for life, it stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid, facilitating the transport of water to the dermis. We place it on our face and distribute it over our cheeks, eye contour, forehead, chin and neck and begin to massage.

4. Cell renewal ritual

Face. Most facials are done primarily to counteract the signs of skin aging. In fact, it is inevitable that the passage of time leaves signs, but good prevention can slow down their appearance if you act from the first signs.

At our center in Barcelona we use various facial rejuvenation techniques to improve skin quality, reduce fine wrinkles, blemishes and superficial scars. One of these techniques is the diamond-tipped facial cleansing. Another very efficient technique to reduce flaccidity and eliminate wrinkles is to massage with the BellAction device.

Body. To remove dead cells and accumulated toxins, it is essential to periodically perform a professional body scrub. This exfoliating treatment allows the skin to renew itself and acquire softness and elasticity.

The benefits of the complete exfoliating treatment are numerous, among them: the oxygenation of the epidermal cells, which allows to maintain a toned and alive skin, and the cell renewal, since thanks to the elimination of the superficial dead skin it is possible to regenerate the skin without build up toxins and smog, which could lead to skin infections.

Plus, it prevents ingrown hairs, which are itchy and sometimes sore to the touch.

To be effective, the exfoliation must be as gentle as possible. For this reason, we use natural body scrubs, made with selected and organic ingredients.

The ideal time to perform an epidermal renewal treatment is at the beginning of the year. With the arrival of spring, the skin must be ready to receive sun, light and oxygen.

If, in addition to exfoliation, you want to obtain more benefits for the skin, you can complete the ritual with a wrap and a specific massage.

5. Spiritual Beauty Ritual

After reconnecting the body and mind, the next step is the harmony of the human being with the universe. The key to balance, which can also slow down cellular aging. Quantum science and physics have shown that each of us emits an electromagnetic field. This energy defines us as human beings by emitting information that the universe receives and to which it responds. Hence the importance of sending positive vibes

HUMAN BEINGS AND COSMOS Somatic (or organic) intelligence is the inner logic that governs our system of vital and bodily processes, in the continuous search for the best responses to the stimuli of life and the environment that surrounds us.

BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT In our center in Barcelona we propose treatments that try to reconcile body and mind, thanks also to the application of active principles that act on the emotions.

For example, flower essences act through a repeated action, in order to consolidate a cellular message, which conveys a clear intention to reestablish balance.

Beauty depends on how we connect, how we control our spirit, how we accept and love ourselves.

Tratamiento quema grasas

Deep massage eliminates fat: recover your figure without effort

The deep massage eliminates fat with new generation equipment is a non-invasive lipid-lowering treatment. Perfect for fighting fat deposits, orange peel skin and cellulite blemishes.

Through a special machine a deep physical massage is performed that intervenes directly on the fat cells.

With this technique, the adipocytes begin to collapse. In the days after the session, they are gradually eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system and physiological metabolic processes.

The number of sessions varies from person to person and also depends on the area treated. However, we can say that it takes five to ten sessions to obtain good results that last over time.

In aesthetic medicine, the use of deep fat massage is proven to be one of the most effective treatments in the treatment of cellulite and in reducing localized fat accumulations.

The protocols are strategically customized in terms of intensity in variation of the complexity of the imperfection to be treated and its location.

Premise: Cellulite is caused by a set of dietary, behavioral, hormonal, and genetic factors. In fact, it is such a widespread phenomenon that now every woman knows all its aspects and all its triggers.

Professionals in the sector are aware that cellulite in its most advanced stage has:

  • an alteration of adipose tissue with a high inflammatory index
  • insufficient microcirculation with fluid stagnation
  • a high concentration of fibrotic (i.e. hardened) collagen fibers
  • the presence of fibrous partitions causing orange peel or mattress skin

Benefits on adipose tissue in favor of the circulatory and lymphatic system

In aesthetic medicine, the use of deep fat massage is proven to be one of the most effective treatments in the treatment of cellulite and in reducing localized fat accumulations.

The protocols are strategically customized in terms of intensity in variation of the complexity of the imperfection to be treated and its location.

Specifically, the biological effects of deep fat massage with an apparatus are several:

  • metabolic activation
  • improved blood and lymphatic circulation
  • destructuring of fibrotic connective tissue
  • reduction in the volume of adipocytes
  • improvement of skin elasticity
  • fluid drainage

In short, deep massage eliminates fat:

  • stimulates fat reduction
  • reduces the inflammatory component
  • promotes elasticity of connective tissue
  • restores the physiological distribution of fluids and nutrients
  • reduces the orange peel effect and softens the skin
  • restores compactness and oxygenation of tissues

These are the reasons why the fat reducing shock treatment is an excellent strategy to fix even the most hostile blemishes, combat and reduce the fat deposits resistant to the most rigorous diets and the most strenuous physical activity.

Associated with a correct lifestyle, this treatment can also have long-lasting effects on the most resistant cellulites.

BellAction® DUO Patented massage system for deep tissue massage

BellAction® DUO is a revolutionary device that combines different treatments and can be used to work both the face and the body by performing a deep physioactive massage.


This is the only device on the market that works on all soft tissues, be it skin or muscle. It tones the skin tissue, eliminates cellulite and drains fluids. Intense physical massage system.

It is the only one that provides the 5 most requested results in the cabin in the same treatment:

  • Eliminate even the most stubborn cellulite
  • Tones all soft tissues
  • Eliminates retained fluids and tissue inflammation
  • Remodels and eliminates contractures.

The only one capable of reducing an average of 2 sizes without the need to lose weight, reshaping and eliminating liquids and contractures.


Firms facial skin to eliminate sagging skin caused by aging. Unlike other systems that attack and cause traction on the skin, BellAction® works with COMPRESSION and SLIDING, without causing any traction on any facial tissue.

It is a system specially designed to facilitate the work of the professional, increasing the results in facial treatments.

CO2 carboxytherapy

To counteract circulatory and dermatological problems.

It has been used for many years to treat circulatory and dermatological problems, such as eczema and rheumatological diseases.

Even scars can be treated with CO2 carboxytherapy, taking advantage of its properties to induce the formation of collagen and elastin.

The CO2 released in the tissues produces cold and a change in the pH of the skin. The cold causes a contraction of the walls of the vascular system, which by increasing its flow and decreasing the pH, releases chemical substances, such as nitric oxide, which increases microcirculation and repairs skin cells.

Advantages of deep massage remove fat with the BellAction equipment

BellAction® DUO allows effective treatments without pain, anesthesia, incisions, convalescence or aftercare.

In addition to allowing us to eliminate even the most stubborn cellulite like no other equipment on the market can do, it will enhance the aesthetic volumes that enhance any figure.

In short, improving beauty and regaining health always leads to well-being.

BellAction® DUO glides and compresses without causing any traction on the most superficial tissues. Thus, a compression massage is generated even in the deepest tissues, where cellulite is more ingrained, obtaining amazing results.

  • Effective
  • No pain, no anesthesia, no convalescent period or aftercare

It removes unsightly volumes on the surface and in depth with high efficiency, provides health at all levels and in all processed tissues, obtaining what no other system can achieve.

Improves aesthetic volumes by working all the muscle tissue, nourishing and toning its fibers and recovering its correct anatomical volume, thus obtaining a balance of anatomical shapes.

By not subjecting the skin to any mechanical traction, a smooth, compact and healthy-looking skin is obtained, completely eliminating orange peel skin.

In which parts of the body is it possible to obtain the best results?

  • Buttocks and culotte de cheval treatment
  • Hip reduction
  • Treatment of abdominal and visceral fat
  • Knee reshaping
  • Reduction of adiposity in the arms
Essential oils Barcelona

SOS Concentration. How to improve it with essential oils.

How to improve concentration and increase memory with natural products

When you return to work and study, it is normal to feel anxiety. The longing to be at the beach and feel the sun does not help us to concentrate and the effort involved in changing our routine puts our memory to the test.

Fortunately, there are plants and food that help us to make this period less stressful and easier to overcome. Natural products and foods should be constantly accompanied by conscious breathing. In this way, we free the mind from superfluous thoughts and favor concentration.

Natural products and essential oils

There are essential oils that, if inhaled, promote concentration and help increase memory. Let’s see what they are and how to use them.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) essential oil is considered one of the best and most effective. Pour 6 drops of basil essence into a diffuser in the environment where you are studying or working. You can also put two drops on a tissue and inhale before doing an exam or a business meeting. This helps to stay focused by giving us the proper boost.

Basil essential oil is indicated in cases of nervous fatigue, intellectual overload and nervous insomnia. It is also effective in the resolution of difficult digestions, gastric and intestinal spasms and migraines of nervous or digestive origin.

The essential oil of lemon (Citrus limon) thanks to its high vibration favors concentration, understanding and memory.

Studies have been conducted in Japan where inhaling lemon essential oil in front of the computer has been shown to reduce typing errors by 54%.

Lemon essential oil is useful in case of both physical and mental fatigue. After intense efforts, as an energizer, it helps dissolve fatigue. Thus the essential oil of lemon makes you more active and vital. Thanks to its action on the hypothalamus, it can help clarify ideas in moments when a decision is needed and in case of internal conflicts. Facilitates logical and rational thinking, gives mental clarity promoting optimism.

increase concentration

More essential oils to improve concentration

The essential oil of peppermint (Mentha piperita) has a clarifying effect on the brain by stimulating concentration and improving logic and memory.

Diffuse this essential oil in the room where we study or inhale its aroma by pouring two drops on a handkerchief.

Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis), thanks to its magical aroma, helps reduce fatigue by balancing our mood and promoting concentration. Inhaling rosemary essential oil increases the desire to do things, making us proactive, and stimulating memory.

In addition to improving long-term memory and the ability to perform mental arithmetic exercises, it also helps prospective memory.

Create a blend of these four essential oils. By spreading it in the room where we work, it will help us to stay calmer and more focused, stimulating our memory and psychic faculties.

essential oils for concentration

When it comes to going back to work or school, it’s easy to lose focus and feel anxious and stressed.

Frankincense essential oil helps in meditation. Through our sense of smell, emotions and creativity are influenced, instilling a sense of well-being, calm and relaxation. Very useful in cases of anxiety and fear.

By stimulating the logical faculties, bergamot essential oil helps to regain concentration in times of disorder. It also brings serenity. In particular, just put a few drops in the essence burner to benefit immediately.

Lavender essential oil helps calm the nerves and relax the mind.

The essential oil of laurel is stimulating, strengthens the ability to concentrate and memory. Just put a few drops in a diffuser to increase concentration and keep your memory alive.

Finally, we propose an exclusive formula of Terpenic Lab Synergy Relaxing Om, a mixture of essential oils that help you relax.

Nail trends fall 2021 Barcelona

Nail trends fall 2021

What will be the new autumn-winter 2021 nail trends? We have selected the most popular colors to personalize according to your style and your type of nail. Pink, red, brown, gold and blue … discover all the others.

The warm season fades in autumn, the bright and vitamin colors that have characterized the nails in recent months become warmer and more welcoming, imitating the typical autumn tones.

From the intense purples of the blackberries, to the burgundy nuances of the wines, passing through the brown and the orange, without forgetting the mauve. Here are the fall 2021 nail colors to try and know about.

Have you already chosen the shades to combine with the outfits of the cold season? Follow our suggestions.

It is useless to deny it, but each season brings with it timeless classics that are part of the comfort zone of each one of us. We are also talking about nails, of course, which in autumn-winter again wear shades such as burgundy, midnight blue, black, without neglecting the nudes. All these shades, in addition to combining perfectly with warm winter sweaters, will make your hands fashionable and tidy, adapting to both natural and reconstructed nails.

Among the perennial shades it is impossible not to mention red and all its shades, pink, from the most naked to the brightest, and finally also brown. This last color, often and willingly, is used on nails in their most nude shades and serves to guarantee a flawless, neutral and bon ton manicure at the same time, which is easily adapted to formal and informal occasions.

Equally trendy shades like caramel or ocher, greedy enough to create a complete manicure or just accentuate nails that know how to turn heads.

Naked nails, a classic “for all seasons”

The nude range never disappoints, wearable from morning to night, even with the most sophisticated looks.

Burgundy and Rouge Noir: the essentials

Burgundy and Rouge Noir are definitely the must-see fall 2021 nail colors to rediscover.

All shades of purple, to mauve

The range of violets is irresistible, from the most intense, such as Verbena Velvet by CND Vinylux

Each season, in addition to having its essentials, it has new entries: it is the case of the mauve color that is once again the protagonist in both autumn and winter nails. With all its shades, mauve lends itself well to a one-color manicure. It also allows you to show off some beautiful accent nails (that is, only one nail that is a shade lighter or darker than the main one).

That’s not all: those who are willing to dare with the mauve color will be able to wear it by creating real geometric designs on all nails. And the nuances? Mauve is a perfect color to get the popular gradient manicure.

All crazy about metallic nails!

Metallic colors like gray, gold and silver can be used to recreate metallic nails worthy of gray winter days. The effects to choose from are many: the metallic effect is good for a monochrome manicure or to combine with monochrome nail art, taking advantage of the trend of decorative nails.

Recreate your personal metallic manicure!

Nail trends

Blue Blue Jeans

It is a very special color for nails, but that is precisely what makes it one of the most glamorous trends of fall 2021. Indeed, the blue jeans color is perfect to attract attention. It is a shade exactly halfway between blue and gray that is suitable for basic and total look manicures, as well as more elaborate nails full of fashionable details. The result is a very unique and trendy nail color, unexpected enough to add a touch of originality to fall 2021.

Timeless red

Red lacquered nails are in fashion, again and again during the fall of 2021, which consecrates this color to the nail trend of the moment. To conquer it is not only the classic red and bright enamels that have always fascinated, but also the warmest and spiciest tones, perfect to express the autumnal mood. However, the hue not to be missed, especially when temperatures are decidedly more stark, is ruby ​​red, bold and elegant at the same time that only a red glaze can be.

Nail trend Barcelona

The great return of dark enamels for fall winter 2021

They have one requirement: they must be lucid and ready to shine despite their dark soul. In fact, dark nail polishes are the color trend that will hit your hearts – and your nails – during the fall of 2021 thanks to its rough and refined mood. Among the most elegant and refined shades, but also rock ‘n’ roll, black is wonderfully suited to round or square shapes, but strictly short. In the pearl, anthracite or smoke variants, gray confirms the sexy and glamorous color trend of fall 2021, suitable for both the office and the most mundane nights, and also perfect on long nails.

At Aurum Wellebeing, a manicure and pedicure center in Barcelona, ​​we offer personalized treatment in a relaxing environment. You can hire our manicure services online

Group acupuncture therapy

Group acupuncture therapy

Group Acupuncture therapy consists of acupuncture some important points by sharing this experience with other people.

Acupuncture group therapy is an opportunity to lose the fear of being pricked in different points and tissues of the body and thus be able to encourage yourself to receive a complete session. During the session each one will receive a diagnosis for future personal sessions. We will complement, with questions about particular cases, and resolve doubts about acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a technique practiced by physicians for physical, chemical and psychological rebalancing, which helps to limit the use of medications and restore a well-being condition. It is a discipline based on the stimulation of the skin with needles and heat according to the physiological and energetic parameters of traditional Chinese medicine that also identify the energy channels in the body along with the physical ones.

The purpose is to raise the general energy of the body. In this way we can alleviate physical pain, nervousness, anxieties and different pathologies, keeping the defense system high.


June 25, 2021


from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


20 euro

8 beauty tips for summer

8 beauty tips for summer

We give you our beauty tips for the summer, the result of proven experience in personal care in Barcelona.

Summer has finally arrived: the skin, the hair, the whole body need different precautions. Here we give you our beauty tips to spend the summer brilliantly.

When we talk about summer, we must not only think about preparing the skin for tanning, but we must prepare the whole body, no part excluded.

Let’s discover together what are the beauty tips for the summer.

1. Get back in shape

First of all you have to lose those kilos that have accumulated in winter. Losing a few pounds can also help so you don’t fear the damn bathing suit test. Therefore, we advise you to regulate your diet and facilitate fat loss with our 100% natural fat burning product.

Fat burners are supplements that claim to improve the ability to lose weight. They are generally intended as a supplement to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

2. Renew and protect the skin

The skin needs a little renewal in the warm season. With an exfoliating treatment you will regenerate the skin of the face and body. We have formulas for you that combine professional exfoliation with reducing wraps.

The epidermis, or the outermost layer of your skin, is made up of five substrates. New skin cells are born in the deepest layer. As these cells mature, they reach the top layer. From there, they usually correspond in a natural way, allowing a fresher, more homogeneous and even more pigmented skin to emerge.

Healthy skin changes 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells per minute, an exceptional number that is often slowed by various factors such as sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations and aging. When this renewal process slows down, dead cells begin to accumulate on the skin, making it appear rough and dull. If they remain on the skin’s surface for too long, they can even clog pores, leading to dark spots or fine lines and wrinkles.

For healthy and glowing skin, a hyaluronic acid-based integrator can be used to prevent aging.

During the spring and summer months, treatments are recommended that act by attenuating the signs of skin aging, but at the same time help protect or strengthen the skin in anticipation of sun exposure. Among these the best are those that use hyaluronic acid that regenerates the skin and protects from the sun’s rays.

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide or sugar naturally present in connective tissue (skin, tendons, cartilage, etc.).

This precious substance is capable of keeping the skin elastic and well hydrated in depth, thanks to its ability to remember water molecules.

However, its production tends to decrease with the passage of age: if at 20 the hyaluronic acid that we have in the body manages to capture around 70% of the water, at 65 the percentage drops to 25%.

Another advantage of hyaluronic acid is that it is capable of strengthening the skin’s defenses against the sun’s rays. Therefore, it is a useful substance throughout the year, because it helps the skin both to defend itself against changes in temperature in the colder months and to protect itself from the heat of the summer sun’s rays.

3. Natural and long-lasting tan

The tanning accelerator and extender with antioxidant principles is the essential summer ally. To achieve a perfect tan, we have written for you the tips for before and after sun exposure.

4. Do not dry the hair

With the arrival of heat, the hair undergoes variations and can become dry and frizzy. To avoid this, it is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamin B. After washing them, a moisturizing and nourishing mask can be made. Here you can find the most suitable oils to protect your hair.

beauty tips

5. Foot care

In summer is when we show off our feet with open shoes the most. Then trust the pedicure of our expert beauticians and apply a specific cream that prevents cracks daily.

6. Reduce cellulite

Cellulite is indeed a year-round problem, but it becomes urgent in summer, when we must show off in a bikini.

For a crash plan against cellulite we have everything:

  • anti-cellulite and draining massages
  • seaweed wraps
  • specific anti-cellulite cream
  • essential oils

7. Complete hydration

Hydration, you may have understood, is very important! The problem is that with high temperatures, the body sweats more, so it excretes fluids. You must replenish them by drinking at least two liters of water a day. It will quench your thirst and refresh you. Skin wants to drink too, so always moisturize!

Thanks to our Euraderm body cream, in addition to obtaining high hydration, you can reduce stretch marks

8. Waxing

Obviously, in summer you cannot avoid a good body waxing. You don’t have to leave anything out of place. To keep the depilatory situation under control, first exfoliate to remove dead cells and even the most difficult and ingrown hairs. After waxing, follow these tips.

In our waxing, beauty and massage center in Barcelona we are available every day of the week to offer high quality services in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Book now in our online store

end cellulite barcelona

The 5 essential oils to end cellulite

What are the 5 essential oils to end cellulite

Cellulite and water retention: what are the main essential oils that can help fight these annoying blemishes?

Cellulitis, or edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (PEFS), is a very common skin blemish, especially in women. It is caused by alteration processes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. In general, it manifests itself with the appearance, at the level of the skin tissue, of small holes or depressions commonly identified with the term “orange peel”. The most affected areas are usually the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Water retention is not synonymous with cellulite, but it is certainly a condition that can promote its appearance. Water retention is characterized by the presence of subcutaneous edema due to insufficient fluid drainage by the lymphatic system.

The hormonal fluctuations typical of women, a diet that is too high in salt or low in water and a sedentary lifestyle are conditions that, by overloading the lymphatic system, favor water retention.

Following a correct and balanced diet, drinking enough water and moving more are the basic rules that help fight cellulite and water retention. Also, some essential oils can help more specifically to combat these annoying blemishes.

end cellulite

Cellulite and water retention: the 5 essential oils to end cellulite

Essential oils can be used for massages or baths. For massages, sweet almond oil or jojoba oil can be used as a base.

Within these oils, a few drops of an essential oil more specifically indicated for water retention and cellulite will be diluted.

The most effective are essential oils obtained from the skin of citrus fruits.

For example, lemon, orange, cedar, grapefruit and mandarin, along with sage, rosemary, thyme, juniper and cypress oils.

For the bath, you can use the same essential oils along with a tablespoon or two of sea or Himalayan salt. The skin is first massaged with a natural bristle brush to remove dead cells. This allows the oils to penetrate better.

Here you have our selection of the essential oils most indicated in the treatment against cellulite.

Rosemary essential oil: improves the functioning of the lymphatic and venous circulation, drains excess fluids;

Thyme, which stands out for its draining properties;

Cypress essential oil: invigorating. Useful in the presence of varicose veins;

Bitter orange: improves lymphatic and venous circulation and reduces swelling;

Lemon essential oil: tones and stimulates circulation;


Always check that the essential oil is suitable for your skin: NEVER apply a pure essential oil directly on the skin, but test it on the skin by applying a small part of the clay compound + water (or infusion) + essential oil.

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