Depilación con cera para hombres

Waxing for men: Questions and Answers

depilación en zonas íntimas

Waxing in intimate areas: what is the best option?

Although hair removal in intimate areas is a topic more associated with summer and times when we wear less clothing, we receive more and more inquiries during the winter.

Regalos para San Valentín

Valentine’s Day gifts: the classics and the originals

We are getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, and before you lose your mind thinking about gifts for Valentine’s Day, we leave you a list with original options to surprise your partner.

Aceites para masajes

The best massage oils and their benefits

The use of massage oils enhances the massage experience and favors a deeper treatment. That is why today we will tell you about the best massage oils and their uses.

We offer different types of massages, depending on what our objective is: relaxing massages, muscle massages, lymphatic drainage, etc.

For each of these massages an oil is recommended, taking into account its properties and how it can facilitate the treatment.

Massages for muscle contractures

One of the most common uses of oil massages is to relieve muscle contractions.

Muscle contractures are very frequent due to poor posture or overexertion of the muscles.

Terpenic Labs Muscle Oil combines the relaxing properties of Rosemary with the refreshing effect of Peppermint.

In this way, massaging with this oil provides almost immediate relief from contractures or intense muscular pains.

Relaxing massage with oil

Avoiding and reducing stress becomes necessary for a better lifestyle.

Taking advantage of the relaxing properties of lavender, ZEN Relax Massage Oil is perfect for deep relaxation.

It also contains Haitian Vetiver, an oil with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to deep muscle relaxation, and Marjoram, with sedative properties for a better rest.

In general, this massage oil blend is recommended for a moment of relaxation and rest.

Lymphatic drainage

If we are looking to reduce swelling and help reabsorb fluid retention, lymphatic drainage may be the solution.

In this case, we can take advantage of the properties of DREN Oil. This 100% natural massage oil helps to drain and activate circulation, while moisturizing and refreshing the skin, providing an overall feeling of well-being and pleasure.

You can attend a lymphatic drainage with oil in our space, or perform self-massages twice a day with DREN Oil. Aceites para masajes

Massage to reduce cellulite

Another great use of massage oils is the application in areas with cellulite or orange peel skin.

Proper circulation and skin hydration are two key factors to prevent or stop cellulite, especially in the legs and thighs.

We recommend a treatment with the application of Celuderm Oil, completely based on natural elements.

Two applications per day of this oil with a gentle massage in circles contributes to smoother and softer skin.

Firming massages

We can also take advantage of the benefits of massage oils to maintain healthy and firm skin.

For this we can include in our daily routine a gentle finger massage of FIRM Oil. This 100% active high performance formula deeply nourishes the skin and increases the elasticity of the dermis.

This oil is recommended for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, especially in dry skin.

You can get all these oils in our online store, to see more products click here.

Adelgazar 5 Kilos

How to lose 5 kilos after the Holidays

Here we tell you how to detoxify your body and even lose 5 kilos naturally.

The holidays are a great opportunity to celebrate with loved ones and welcome a new year with good vibes.

But they are also a time when we overindulge in food and drinks, leaving our body with bloating, heaviness and even extra kilos.

Get back to your routine
Say hello to the Kings and Christmas treats until next year.

The faster you get back to your routine of healthy and varied eating, the closer you will be to the goal of losing 5 kilos.

Remember to always have fresh, seasonal produce in the fridge, ready to eat.

Don’t know how to include variety in your diet? start with colors! Have fruits and vegetables of all colors that you can find washed, peeled and chopped to eat.

It is normal that after so much food, the body feels hungry or can’t get enough quickly.

If this is a problem for you, we recommend adding a natural satiating and appetite suppressant product to your diet to help you at the beginning.

Adelgazar 5 Kilos

Eliminate toxins
Just as we clean the house after a party, it is necessary to purify our body of all the excesses we had.

To do this naturally, turmeric is our best ally.

This root stimulates the production and secretion of bile, which favors the purification of the liver.

You can take it in tea, add it to preparations or consume it in tablets if you want something more practical.

If your goal is to lose 5 kilos, we recommend Curcumax, which combines turmeric with pepper to reactivate the metabolism and lose weight.

Complete cleansing
You may have had a lot of excesses not only during the holidays, but also in the last months of the year.

If this is the case, you may want to try a more comprehensive purification of the whole body and lose up to 5 kilos.

We recommend Siluet Slim, Draining and Burning Syrup.

This natural preparation is ideal for fluid retention and weight loss in a short time. It acts as a diuretic, digestive, burner and liver protector, for an overall cleansing of the digestive system.

It is also very simple to consume, since you dilute it in water. In this way you cleanse your organism while hydrating yourself.

Adelgazar 5 kilos

The Secret
If you feel the need to snack all the time, a Tweeg formula based on plant extracts can be of great help to lose the pounds accumulated during the Holidays.

Sazia-T helps limit food intake by creating a natural feeling of satiety. It decreases the nervousness that causes compulsive snacking and thus allows you to regain your weight more quickly.

Get moving!
Losing 5 kilos in winter can be seen as a difficult goal. In order not to lose motivation, it is key to find a physical activity that we enjoy.

We know that aerobic exercise is par excellence recommended for weight loss. But it is also important to find an activity that generates pleasure and reconnects us with our body.

In this way, it will be easier to maintain it over time and achieve a stable weight for longer.

Defensas bajas

Low defenses: how to raise them and avoid seasonal diseases

Low defenses can make our body unprepared to fight the aggression of external agents, such as viruses, bacteria and infections. In addition, we are so closely linked to our ecosystem that seasonal changes also generate internal changes in our organism.

That is why it is normal to feel some ailments at the beginning of each season, as happens now in the first weeks of winter, especially if we have low defenses.

Main causes of low defenses
The main causes of lowered defenses are:

Abuse of medicines (especially antibiotics).
Alcohol abuse
Insufficient sleep
Inadequate nutrition

Environmental factors (cold, humidity, sudden changes in temperature) and environmental pollution, air quality and exposure to toxic factors also contribute.

Let’s see now how to increase low defenses.

Adapt your diet
Diet is one of the key tools to avoid low defenses and strengthen our immune system.

The immune system needs a regular and balanced supply of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pigments). During the change of season avoid low-calorie diets and do not overdo it with salt and white sugar, hydrogenated oils and trans fats, synthetic additives and highly processed foods.

Take advantage of the citrus season, which provides us with a large amount of vitamin C, as well as green vegetables such as chard, broccoli and spinach.

vegetables-1752246_1280_optimized.jpg (1024×767)

Get plenty of rest
A good rest is essential to increase low defenses.

Remember to leave the mobile phone or computer half an hour before going to sleep, to better fall asleep, and avoid contact until after breakfast.

Resting between 7 and 8 hours a day is ideal for our body to recover from daily activities and to reactivate the immune system.

If you have trouble sleeping, we recommend Sweet Dreams Flower Essence, to relax, rest deeply and recover your energy.

Prevent seasonal ailments
Sometimes these good habits are not enough to counteract low defenses. If beyond your diet and lifestyle, you suffer from seasonal changes, we recommend Seasonal Affections Flower Essence.

The combination of flower essences will help you cope better with seasonal changes. Especially if you experience allergic processes associated with dust mites, dust or animal hair for example.

Being naturally prepared provides a more tolerant attitude towards discomforts, allowing you to continue with your life in an active way.

Exercise even in winter!
In addition to activating the immune system and improving the body’s defenses, physical activity helps us fight stress.

When we are worried or stressed about something, our body does not respond in the same way and we may end up with low defenses, or more prone to diseases.

With the cold weather it is harder to get out of the house and move, but we also have virtual alternatives such as guided yoga classes.

Maintaining a balance and equilibrium between our body and mind helps us to face changes in a more flexible and positive way.

Think positive
The immune system is also affected by our psychic system. Stress can affect the efficiency of our immune defenses. In fact studies have shown that just twenty-four hours of stress is enough to significantly reduce the effectiveness and response of the immune system.

That is why reducing stress and adopting a positive attitude towards life can also help our body defend itself against external attacks.

Flower essences can be a valid ally to reduce stress and consequently increase defenses.

pelos enquistados

Ingrown hairs: how to avoid and remove them

It can happen to suffer from ingrown hairs at some point in life. Although it can be an uncomfortable situation, it is quite normal. So here we will tell you how to avoid them, and how to remove them.

INDIBA: Advanced Technology in Aurum Wellbeing, Barcelona Beauty Salon

Discover the innovative INDIBA technology at Aurum Wellbeing, Barcelona beauty salon. With a recognized track record in aesthetic care and wellness, Aurum Wellbeing offers a unique experience for those looking to improve their appearance.

At Aurum Wellbeing, the use of INDIBA has become one of the star treatments. This advanced 448 kHz radiofrequency system is designed to deliver outstanding results in a wide range of aesthetic and therapeutic treatments. This is where Aurum Wellbeing’s INDIBA-trained professionals deploy their expertise to offer clients an exceptional beauty and wellness experience.

INDIBA treatments in this Barcelona beauty salon help to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. In particular this reduces fluid retention and promotes the elimination of toxins. The experts at Aurum Wellbeing, with their personalized approach, use INDIBA technology to effectively treat cellulite, achieving firmer and more toned skin.

But that’s not all: at Aurum Wellbeing, INDIBA is also used in facial treatments. INDIBA therapy helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

With the expert knowledge of Aurum Wellbeing professionals and INDIBA technology, clients can experience a remarkable facial rejuvenation, obtaining a more youthful and radiant appearance.

All the uses of Indiba in Aurum Wellbeing, Barcelona Beauty Salon

When it comes to skin care and cellulite reduction, Aurum Wellbeing relies on INDIBA.

Also in the sports field, Aurum Wellbeing stands out for offering INDIBA treatments that accelerate recovery from injuries. Athletes and sportsmen and women looking for faster and more effective rehabilitation can rely on Aurum Wellbeing and its INDIBA expertise. INDIBA technology can reduce pain, inflammation and recovery times for muscle and joint injuries.

What are the advantages of using Indiba over traditional massages?

The use of radiofrequency in therapies such as Indiba may have advantages over traditional massages in certain aspects.

Main advantages of using Indiba compared to traditional massages

Depth of treatment: Radiofrequency can penetrate deeper layers of skin and tissue, allowing for more targeted and effective treatment in problem areas. In comparison, traditional massages generally only affect the superficial layers of the skin.

Collagen stimulation: Radiofrequency can stimulate collagen production in the skin, which can help improve the elasticity and overall appearance of the skin. This can be especially beneficial for anti-aging treatments and cellulite reduction.

Improved circulation: Radiofrequency can increase blood flow and improve circulation to the treated area, which could be helpful in speeding recovery and reducing swelling.

Faster results: Due to radiofrequency’s ability to stimulate tissues at the cellular level, some patients may experience faster results compared to traditional massages.

Non-invasive treatment: Radiofrequency is a non-invasive technique that does not require surgery, which may be a more attractive option for those seeking to avoid more aggressive procedures.

Treatment customization: Radiofrequency devices such as Indiba can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of each patient and the area to be treated, allowing for greater treatment customization.

Personalized evaluation at Aurum Wellbeing, Beauty Salon Barcelona

At Aurum Wellbeing, customer comfort and satisfaction are a priority. With personalized attention and a holistic approach, Aurum Wellbeing’s INDIBA experts work closely with clients.

At Aurum Wellbeing Barcelona beauty salon we understand your needs and design treatments tailored to you.

It is essential to keep in mind that while radiofrequency may have these potential advantages, there may also be cases where traditional massages are more appropriate or complementary. The choice between Indiba or other treatments will depend on the individual needs of the patient, the type of condition being treated and the assessment of a qualified health professional. It is always advisable to consult a specialist in aesthetic medicine or dermatology before opting for any treatment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience INDIBA technology at Aurum Wellbeing Barcelona beauty salon. Discover how INDIBA can transform your appearance and well-being in the hands of expert professionals. Book your appointment today and begin your journey to radiant beauty and enhanced wellness with Aurum Wellbeing and their unique approach to INDIBA.

productos para el bronceado barcelona

Tanning in the best way: Tips for a safe and radiant tan

Summer arrives and with it comes the desire to show off a beautiful tan that enhances our skin and makes us feel radiant in the sun. However, getting a perfect, long-lasting tan requires knowledge and precautions to avoid skin damage. In this article, we will offer you practical and effective tips to get the best tan, keeping your skin’s health first.

1. Preparation prior to tanning

Before going out in the sun, it is important to prepare your skin to avoid sunburn and to obtain an even and long-lasting tan. Start by exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin cells and improve tan absorption. Moisturize your skin daily with a cream or lotion containing ingredients such as aloe vera or vitamin E to keep it nourished and supple.

2. Sun protection: your best ally

Sun protection is essential for a safe and healthy tan. Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF suitable for your skin type. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every 2 hours, or after swimming or excessive sweating. Do not forget to protect areas such as lips, ears, feet and hands.

3. Adequate schedules

Avoid exposure to the sun during the peak hours, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. During this period, the sun’s rays are more intense and the risk of sunburn and skin damage increases. Opt for sunbathing in the early morning or in the afternoon, when the sun is less strong.

4. Hydration

The sun and prolonged exposure can dehydrate your skin, so it is essential to maintain adequate hydration during tanning. Drink plenty of water and use moisturizing products to keep your skin fresh and nourished.

5. Protect your hair

Not only does your skin need protection, your hair is also vulnerable to sun damage. Use hair products with SPF or wear hats to protect your scalp and hair from UV rays.

6. Gradual tanning

Don’t rush to get a deep tan in one day. A gradual and sustained tan is healthier and longer lasting. Start with short sessions of sun exposure and gradually increase the time, always protecting yourself adequately.

7. Shadows and rest

It is not necessary to be exposed to the sun all day long to get a good tan. Alternating periods of exposure with rest in the shade is essential to keep your skin healthy and avoid sunburn.

8. Take advantage of self-tanning products

If you prefer to avoid direct sun exposure, self-tanners can be an excellent option. These products provide an instant tan without risk to the skin. Be sure to apply them evenly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

9. Avoid the use of oils

Although the use of oils may seem appealing to get a faster tan, it is important to avoid them. Oils can increase the risk of burns and skin damage, as they can attract more of the sun’s rays.

10. Take care of your skin after tanning

Once you have achieved the desired tan, it is important to continue taking care of your skin for the effect to last. Continue to moisturize with creams and lotions and avoid exposure to the sun at peak hours to keep your skin healthy.

Remember that a safe and healthy tan is the result of responsible sun exposure and proper care of your skin. Follow these tips and enjoy the summer looking radiant and healthy tan, may you shine under the sun in the best way! ☀️🌴🌞

Perder grasa acumulada

Effortless weight loss with BELLACTION

In the fast-paced modern world, where time and energy seem scarce, many people yearn to find efficient ways to lose weight effortlessly. In fact, they shy away from the need to undergo exhausting diets or extreme sacrifices. Fortunately, at Aurum Wellbeing Aesthetic Center Barcelona, we are applying an innovative technique called BELLACTION, which helps people achieve their weight loss goals without excessive effort. In this article, we will explore in detail what BELLACTIONS is, how it works and the benefits it offers for those looking to shape their body safely and effectively.


BELLACTIONS is an advanced non-invasive aesthetic procedure that combines cutting-edge technology with the personalized approach of the experts at Aurum Wellbeing Aesthetic Center Barcelona. Designed to address localized adiposity, this revolutionary technique offers amazing results in slimming specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, arms and more. What makes BELLACTIONS unique is its ability to achieve these changes without requiring strenuous efforts from patients.

The BELLACTION Method for effortless weight loss

The BELLACTION process begins with a personalized consultation with a highly trained professional at Aurum Wellbeing Aesthetic Center Barcelona. During this initial evaluation, the specialist will analyze the patient’s target areas and determine if they are suitable candidates for the procedure. A crucial aspect of BELLACTION is that it is tailored to each person’s individual needs and desires, ensuring optimal and satisfying results.

Once the personalized plan is established, the patient will experience the application of advanced technology at Aurum Wellbeing. The experts will use specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to perform the procedure. This innovative technology targets fat cells in the specific area, without damaging the surrounding tissues. The BELLACTIONS treatment is designed to be painless, non-invasive and requires no recovery time.

Benefits of BELLACTION

  1. Effortless weight loss: One of the most remarkable benefits of BELLACTION is that it allows patients to lose weight without having to undergo extreme efforts. Unlike rigorous dieting or strenuous exercise sessions, BELLACTION makes the weight loss process much more comfortable and accessible for those seeking effective results without excessive sacrifice.
  2. Reduction of localized adiposity: Often, certain areas of the body can be more resistant to dieting and exercise, accumulating localized adiposity. BELLACTION targets these problem areas, helping to reduce unwanted fat and shape the body more harmoniously.
  3. Safe and non-invasive: BELLACTION is a safe, non-invasive technique that does not require surgery or needles. This means patients can avoid the risks associated with more invasive procedures and quickly return to their daily activities without prolonged recovery time.
  4. Lasting Results: Although results may vary by individual, many people experience lasting results with BELLACTION. By directly targeting fat cells, the procedure has the potential to offer long-term visible improvements.
  5. Confidence and well-being: By achieving their weight loss goals without strenuous effort, BELLACTIONS patients often experience an increase in their confidence and overall well-being. This can have a positive impact on other areas of a person’s life, improving their overall quality of life.

BELLACTION at Aurum Wellbeing Aesthetic Center Barcelona

In short, BELLACTION at Aurum Wellbeing Aesthetic Center Barcelona offers a revolutionary solution for those who wish to slim down without extreme efforts. With its personalized approach, advanced technology and long-lasting results, this technique has proven to be an attractive option for those looking to safely and effectively shape their body. If you are looking for a comfortable, non-invasive alternative to achieve your weight loss goals, BELLACTIONS could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Caution: It is important to remember that each person is unique and results may vary. Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, it is always advisable to consult with a qualified and experienced medical professional to determine the most appropriate option for your individual needs and goals.