Nail trends fall 2021 Barcelona

Nail trends fall 2021

What will be the new autumn-winter 2021 nail trends? We have selected the most popular colors to personalize according to your style and your type of nail. Pink, red, brown, gold and blue … discover all the others.

The warm season fades in autumn, the bright and vitamin colors that have characterized the nails in recent months become warmer and more welcoming, imitating the typical autumn tones.

From the intense purples of the blackberries, to the burgundy nuances of the wines, passing through the brown and the orange, without forgetting the mauve. Here are the fall 2021 nail colors to try and know about.

Have you already chosen the shades to combine with the outfits of the cold season? Follow our suggestions.

It is useless to deny it, but each season brings with it timeless classics that are part of the comfort zone of each one of us. We are also talking about nails, of course, which in autumn-winter again wear shades such as burgundy, midnight blue, black, without neglecting the nudes. All these shades, in addition to combining perfectly with warm winter sweaters, will make your hands fashionable and tidy, adapting to both natural and reconstructed nails.

Among the perennial shades it is impossible not to mention red and all its shades, pink, from the most naked to the brightest, and finally also brown. This last color, often and willingly, is used on nails in their most nude shades and serves to guarantee a flawless, neutral and bon ton manicure at the same time, which is easily adapted to formal and informal occasions.

Equally trendy shades like caramel or ocher, greedy enough to create a complete manicure or just accentuate nails that know how to turn heads.

Naked nails, a classic “for all seasons”

The nude range never disappoints, wearable from morning to night, even with the most sophisticated looks.

Burgundy and Rouge Noir: the essentials

Burgundy and Rouge Noir are definitely the must-see fall 2021 nail colors to rediscover.

All shades of purple, to mauve

The range of violets is irresistible, from the most intense, such as Verbena Velvet by CND Vinylux

Each season, in addition to having its essentials, it has new entries: it is the case of the mauve color that is once again the protagonist in both autumn and winter nails. With all its shades, mauve lends itself well to a one-color manicure. It also allows you to show off some beautiful accent nails (that is, only one nail that is a shade lighter or darker than the main one).

That’s not all: those who are willing to dare with the mauve color will be able to wear it by creating real geometric designs on all nails. And the nuances? Mauve is a perfect color to get the popular gradient manicure.

All crazy about metallic nails!

Metallic colors like gray, gold and silver can be used to recreate metallic nails worthy of gray winter days. The effects to choose from are many: the metallic effect is good for a monochrome manicure or to combine with monochrome nail art, taking advantage of the trend of decorative nails.

Recreate your personal metallic manicure!

Nail trends

Blue Blue Jeans

It is a very special color for nails, but that is precisely what makes it one of the most glamorous trends of fall 2021. Indeed, the blue jeans color is perfect to attract attention. It is a shade exactly halfway between blue and gray that is suitable for basic and total look manicures, as well as more elaborate nails full of fashionable details. The result is a very unique and trendy nail color, unexpected enough to add a touch of originality to fall 2021.

Timeless red

Red lacquered nails are in fashion, again and again during the fall of 2021, which consecrates this color to the nail trend of the moment. To conquer it is not only the classic red and bright enamels that have always fascinated, but also the warmest and spiciest tones, perfect to express the autumnal mood. However, the hue not to be missed, especially when temperatures are decidedly more stark, is ruby ​​red, bold and elegant at the same time that only a red glaze can be.

Nail trend Barcelona

The great return of dark enamels for fall winter 2021

They have one requirement: they must be lucid and ready to shine despite their dark soul. In fact, dark nail polishes are the color trend that will hit your hearts – and your nails – during the fall of 2021 thanks to its rough and refined mood. Among the most elegant and refined shades, but also rock ‘n’ roll, black is wonderfully suited to round or square shapes, but strictly short. In the pearl, anthracite or smoke variants, gray confirms the sexy and glamorous color trend of fall 2021, suitable for both the office and the most mundane nights, and also perfect on long nails.

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