Everyone loves a massage, but not everyone is aware of the many benefits of massage. I have tried to put together the main positive effects of a good massage.

From stress to pain, sleep and general quality of life: why indulge in a massage?

1.Relieves stress
2.Post-operative pain disappears more quickly
3.Reduces anxiety
4.Controls lower back pain
5.Relief of pain in case of fibromyalgia
6.Reduces muscle tension
7.Improves exercise performance
8.Eliminates tension headaches
9.Helps to sleep better
10.Helps improve symptoms of depression
11.Improves cardiovascular health
12.Reduces pain from osteoarthritis
13.Reduces stress in cancer patients
14.Improves balance in the elderly
15.reduces the pain of rheumatoid arthritis
16.Has positive effects in the treatment of dementia
17.Promotes relaxation
18.Lowers blood pressure
19.Decreases symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
20.Helps with chronic neck pain
21.Effective against lower joint replacement pain
22.Increases range of motion
23.Decreases migraine frequency
24.Helps improve quality of life in palliative care
25.Helps reduce chemotherapy-related nausea