medicinal drum

Medicinal Drum Workshop

Create your own medicine drum.

The sound of the drum simulates the heartbeat and connects with the energy center of Mother Earth. Connect with this ancient wisdom.

Create your own drum by establishing a special bond with your heart and the power of self-healing. Integrate in the drum and in your heart the wisdom of your Animal, Plant and Mineral of Power through an ancestral initiation that the natives perform to anyone who opens their heart and shares it with their brothers.

Create your own medicine drum.

A medicinal drum is not an instrument, but a companion. It cannot be conceived: the drum must be found. His spirit already exists. We must reach him, bring him to this plane and give him a body.

During these two days you will build and learn to vibrate your medicinal drum.

The creation of the drum itself is a unique and unrepeatable moment, during which a subtle and deep bond is born between us and it.
In the same way, each drum is unique, since during its creation we are accompanied by our subtle guides and our power animal (totem) that we meet on a shamanic journey at the beginning of the journey.

The result is that each drum, even if made following an identical ritual, will have an absolutely unique sound and vibration: yours!

Dates: February 16 and 24

Hours: from 17 to 20

Total cost: 290 euro.

Information and reservation of place: