Tui Na Massage

Traditionally, Tui Na massage is used to regulate blood and lymphatic circulation and to regulate the flow of hormones. Nowadays, however, it is used mainly to counteract or alleviate painful symptoms of various kinds (joint pain, muscle pain, headache, neck pain, etc.).

The Tui Na massage is a particular type of Chinese massage that is characterized by numerous maneuvers and manipulations, skilfully combined with each other to offer a personalized treatment for each person.

The aim of the Tui Na massage is to ensure the maintenance and improvement, where necessary, of the flow of vital energy “Qi” that flows in the body of each individual within specific channels called meridians.

Generally, this treatment is used in case of:

Muscle and / or joint pain of different types;

Cervical pain;

Back pain;


Sciatic pain;

Disorders due to alterations (generally not pathological) of the blood and lymphatic circulation;

Menstrual disturbances;

Abdominal swelling;

Stress and non-pathological anxiety states;

Irritability and mood swings.

According to those who practice Tui Na massage, the manipulations that characterize it should rebalance the flow of energy in the individual’s body. All of this should lead to the resolution of various annoyances that may arise when the flow of vital energy is altered or blocked.


Improve blood and lymphatic circulation, exercising, when necessary, a lymphatic drainage action;

Accelerate the healing process in case of trauma, contusions, sprains, etc .;

Improve joint and muscle function and mobility;

Reduce muscle and joint pain, such as back pain, neck pain, low back pain, etc .;

Reduce headaches;

Strengthen the immune system;

Reduce abdominal bloating;

Regulate the flow of hormones in the body;

In women, promote the regularization of the menstrual cycle;

Counteract sleep disorders;

Counteracts states of stress, anxiety (non-pathological) and irritability favoring relaxation.


Although it is a non-invasive treatment, the Tui Na massage has several contraindications, as with any other type of massage. Specifically, Tui Na massage should not be practiced on individuals:

With serious heart and / or vascular pathologies;

With severe liver pathologies;

In the case of diseases that increase the risk of gastric or intestinal perforation;

With ongoing infectious diseases;

With skin alterations or diseases in the areas that should be affected by the massage (for example, infections, inflammations, injuries, burns, etc.);

Pregnant, Elderly and / or debilitated.