Shiatzu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a type of massage of Japanese origin.

The purpose of Shiatsu massage is to act not only on the body but also on the psyche, making the individual reach a state of well-being in its entirety (body and mind) and not only on a physical level.

According to the philosophy underlying Shiatsu massage, in the body of each person there are so-called meridians within which a vital energy known as “ki” flows. Alterations and blocking of the flow of this vital energy would cause the appearance of imbalances, discomfort and disturbances in the individual.

The purpose of Shiatsu massage, therefore, is to remove any blockage and restore the normal flow of ki energy. Thus the individual reaches a new state of relaxation, well-being and psychophysical harmony.

More specifically, Shiatsu massage is useful in the presence of:

Stress and anxiety (non-pathological);


Depressive symptoms of a non-pathological nature;

Joint pain;

Neck Pain

Muscle pain and / or tension;

Blood and / or lymphatic circulation disorders;


Digestive disorders;

Menstrual disorders.

When NOT to practice Shiatsu Massage

Although Shiatsu massage is considered safe, as is the case with many other types of massage, there are several situations in which its execution is contraindicated. In detail, it is contraindicated to undergo massage if you are in one or more of the following conditions:

Active skin infections;

Inflammation and / or wounds in the areas to be manipulated (including inflammation of the sciatic nerve);

Presence of cardiovascular disorders;

Recent fractures;

Herniated disc in the acute phase;

Respiratory disorders;

Tumor pathologies;

Liver and / or kidney disorders.

Pregnancy is not usually a contraindication, however, it is always good to ask your gynecologist for advice.

In any case, if you suffer from disorders or illnesses, even if it is not listed above, it is good to seek the preventive advice of a doctor before undergoing any form of Shiatsu massage.