Scented candle massage

The aromatic candle massage is a relaxing massage performed with candles that gently drip aromatic vegetable oils onto the body.

Let’s see how it works and its benefits.

What is scented candle massage?

The warm glow of a candle. Vegetable oils and butters that melt and slowly glide through the body. A sweet whirlwind of fragrances and pleasant emotions that intoxicates the senses. This is the candle massage. A relaxing massage performed with 100% natural cosmetic candles, embellished with wonderful essences. This is exactly what makes candlelight massage special. The relaxing effect of the massage, which incorporates the gentle movements of the Hawaiian massage, is combined with the beneficial properties of heat and the relaxing power of the aromas and colors that surround the environment.

The treatment is developed as an authentic sensory ritual. The candle is lit, after a few minutes the surface begins to melt and the masseur pours the wax on the client’s body and then begins with the maneuvers. The oils and butters used during the massage do not burn the skin. They have a very low melting point, around 45 °.

The romantic atmosphere of the candlelight massage is perfect for couples who want to enjoy a relaxing getaway into the world of wellness.


The benefits of massage with scented candles

Candle massage is a wellness concentrate for the body and mind. The precise movements of the massage, enhanced by the beneficial action of heat, relax the muscles and free them from contractures. The vegetable oils and butters that glide on the skin hydrate and nourish it, leaving it smoother and velvety.

What characterizes the candle massage, however, is the ability to achieve a state of relaxation and total serenity through a multi-sensory journey. The relaxing power of the colors of candlelight (chromotherapy) blends with the feeling of harmony and balance transmitted by the aromas of essential oils (aromatherapy). The oriental melodies that often form the background during the massage represent another ally against stress, thanks to the beneficial effects of music therapy.

The composition of massage candles

The candles used during the candle massage are made from soy wax, vegetable oils, or butters. Let’s see some of the most used substances and their benefits.

Shea butter

Thanks to its extraordinary beneficial properties, shea butter is probably the most widely used substance in making massage candles. It is the perfect ingredient to prevent wrinkles and make the skin smoother and more elastic.

Olive oil

The olive oil-based candle massage exerts a nourishing and moisturizing action on the skin.

Soy wax

Although the use of soy wax-based candles is widespread for this massage, they do not have the same moisturizing properties as vegetable oils and butters.

Argan oil

This substance is a true concentrate of beneficial properties for the skin. It hydrates it, softens it, makes it more beautiful and above all rejuvenates it.