Remote Shamanic Healing

In ancient times, shamans used to perform shamanic healing at a distance, for example from one town to another.

The energy-dependent shaman, like thought, has no barriers. Throughout history, many shamans have performed numerous remote treatments using prayers or mantras addressed to a person. These practices, supported by intention and imagined through the ability to see the subtlest energies, move through the ether to the people for whom they are addressed.

The person requesting distance shamanic healing will simply be asked to remain in a relaxed receiving position, with an attitude of listening and trust.

During a shamanic healing treatment you first try to understand the request.

Subsequently, the shaman gets in contact with his guides of the spiritual dimensions, in a shamanic state of consciousness (deep meditation or theta state) in which it is accessed thanks to the sound of the sacred drum or the rattle.

The shaman thus becomes the link (bridge) between the visible dimensions (physical reality) and the spiritual dimensions in which the light guides inhabit. Thanks to his indications the spiritual work of healing the soul will be carried out.

The shaman’s greatest job is to let his spirit guides act for the highest good of the person requesting treatment.

Spirit Guides are loving, compassionate and highly evolved beings who live in the invisible realms and who place their powers at the disposal of the Healing of living beings.

A shamanic healing treatment lasts about an hour and a half.