Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage: awareness of the body, its feelings, and emotions.

Faced with a stressful event or being exposed to physical and/or mental fatigue, we accumulate tensions in some areas of the body, especially the shoulders and lower back.

Ultimately this somatization process can generate muscle contractures and ailments.

To dissolve these tensions, slow movements and more or less deep pressure on the body are carried out.

Usually, the masseuse treats most insistently precisely the areas that need the most attention. However, the massage can be extended to other areas of the body, such as the legs, arms, hands, and feet, to achieve total relaxation.

The relaxing massage is above all an accompanying massage towards a deeper relaxation of the mind, emotions, and feelings. His touch is soft and slow, thus providing calm to the body and well-being, connecting with the nerve endings that are on the surface of the skin, we send this message to our nervous system so that it produces and secretes hormones and endorphins that we need to connect with that sensation of peace.

Benefits of relaxing massage

Relaxing massage has several benefits. First of all, thanks to specific techniques, it stimulates the body’s energy and reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation. Therefore, among the benefits, we can count the reduction of anxiety and stress levels.

Relaxing massage is particularly suitable for de-stressing and relieving physical and mental tension. However, to obtain these results, it is advisable to do it consistently. Typically, treatment lasts 30 to 90 minutes.

Relaxing massage in Barcelona

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Essential oils and relaxing massage

The use of essential oils allows the release of multiple beneficial effects during the session. In fact, essential oils are very useful both for the skin and emotionally.

In particular, it helps to relax every muscle from accumulated tensions and to relieve the mind of thoughts and worries.

30 minutes. 38€.

45 minutes. 50€.

60 minutes. 65€.

90 minutes. 90€.

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5 massages  60 min. 292,50€.

5 massages 90 minutes. 404€.