Pregnant women massage

60-minute pregnant woman massage

During pregnancy, the woman is subject to a whole series of transformations due to changes in the hormonal structure. Weight gain, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, anxiety and stress are just some of the discomforts that characterize the gestation period. Massage during pregnancy is a practice that helps women better cope with new physiological changes and alleviate all the physical and psychological disorders that result from them.

The massage for pregnant women is carried out in a well-ventilated environment with background music, to take advantage of the relaxing effect of music therapy. The maneuvers focus primarily on the spine, pelvic region, and back muscles. In order not to affect the health of the fetus, the woman is placed in a supine or side position.

Benefits of massage for pregnant women

Massage during pregnancy can be a pleasant help to cope with physiological changes involving a whole series of physical and psychological problems in the best way. The main benefits of prenatal massage are: it relieves pain in the joints, neck, back and sciatic nerve; helps maintain correct posture; reduces swelling of the hands and feet; it is useful in case of sinus congestion; Relieves headaches; prepares the muscles for childbirth; Stimulates blood circulation. This type of massage also improves the beauty of the skin because it makes it more elastic. For this reason, it is effective against stretch marks. Drainage massage helps prevent fluid stagnation and cellulite formation.

It also lightens the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

The benefits of massage in pregnancy are not limited to solving only physical problems. In fact, it is capable of providing a strong sense of relaxation that helps combat stress and ensures good quality sleep. In any case, it is always important to consult your doctor before resorting to massage during pregnancy.


Massage during pregnancy is generally not risky for women’s health, however, there are some contraindications that should be known. Treatment should be avoided in the presence of physical ailments perceived by the expectant mother during pregnancy. In particular, the cases in which it is better not to undergo a massage are:




Blood or water leaks.



High pressure

Unusual pains, especially in the abdomen.


Contagious diseases



Varicose veins

Massages are not recommended during pregnancy during the first three months, the period necessary for the woman to become familiar with her new physical and hormonal condition.