Neurosedative massage

In the fight against depression and stress, the neurosedative massage performed by an experienced specialist plays a special role.

One of these techniques consists of influencing the nerve endings, thus eliminating manifestations such as apathy, fatigue and insomnia. During the procedure, the patient is deeply relaxed and often falls asleep. The effectiveness of the technique is proven and cannot be compared to a conventional massage. Thanks to this treatment the whole body can be relaxed. The principle of action is based on a specific effect on the receptors that control the nervous system. If a person has been in a state of stress for a long time, there is a possibility of developing chronic diseases, somatic type and insomnia.

The neurosedative massage promotes body relaxation and stress relief.

When is a neurosedative massage advisable?

The modern rhythm of life often leads to stress and the development of more or less serious psychological disorders. The best option is to start massages at the first signs of psychological problems. It is also recommended for people who are constantly nervous and tense.

It is worth noting some symptoms that should not be ignored:

lack of interest in usual activities that bring pleasure;



persistent sleep problems;

anger and irritability;

depression and anxiety.