Firming massage

A firming massage is a technique by which manual treatments are performed on the body, acting on the underlying muscle masses.

This operation is carried out with several movements:

the touch,


the pressure.

The latter is exercised with a slow and energetic movement, it depends on the result you want to achieve.

Massages are of different types and they are all performed to achieve various objectives:

therapeutic purpose,


maintain well-being,

to find a new balance.

It is very important to perform this massage after a diet or pregnancy, in order to drain, dissolve the fat and consequently reaffirm.

If you lose weight or gain weight (for example during pregnancy), the skin loses firmness. Therefore, a specific treatment is required to regain its natural elasticity. In these cases, the firming massage is perfect, since it reactivates circulation and oxygenates the tissues. In fact, firming massage often has a shaping effect as well, actually dissolving localized fat deposits. The preferred areas when undergoing this treatment are: the thighs, the buttocks, but also the breasts.

How does the firming massage work?

Firming massage is a specific technique that limits the appearance of skin imperfections such as cellulite, wrinkles and general water retention.

Especially after having lost weight, it is recommended to go to a firming, energetic and deep massage, to support the toning of the muscles.

In particular, this treatment not only acts on the surface but also stimulates the deep muscle fibers, and also improves circulation.

The treatment stimulates collagen and elastin, oxygenating the muscles and thus improving muscle tone. For example, these manipulations are recommended on the abdomen, for at least 10 treatments.

In case of a malfunction of the microcirculation, the aesthetic result is not only the classic orange peel (cellulite), but also the formation of wrinkles and the greater predisposition to aesthetic defects. Instead, this is because the lack of blood circulation limits the phenomenon of oxygenation or the transport of nutrients.

The firming massage acts precisely on this mechanical malfunction. Thanks to the study of appropriate movements and increasingly advanced techniques that allow the redistribution of fluids in the body, this type of massage is able to guarantee the functioning of the blood and lymphatic vessels again, restoring perfect microcirculation.

When the skin loses its tone, the firming massage is ideal, since it reactivates the circulation and oxygenates the tissues, trying to restore the natural elasticity. In fact, this type of massage usually also has a modeling effect, since it dissolves localized fat accumulations.

In short, the firming massage is an excellent ally against the accumulation of fat, cellulite and water retention.