Tired legs massage

Tired legs massage

Eliminate stress and fatigue.

Swollen, heavy and tired legs?

Relaxing leg massage

This practice is really capable of treating all the ailments that usually afflict our lower extremities: swelling, feeling of heaviness, lack of circulation, tingling. These are effects generally caused by stress, fatigue, and / or excessive heat.

This treatment is a real pampering accompanied by enormous benefits, above all draining and anti-fatigue, for the lower limbs. It is also capable of promoting a rapid recovery of our forces. The propagation of this condition of pleasant relaxation is therefore the main effect, but certainly not the only one, of this extraordinary treatment.

How to do the relaxing leg massage

It should be noted that the treatment in question must be very delicate: an incorrect maneuver, excessive pressure and possible forcing can cause bruising and / or constrictions in the veins or capillaries. Thus the relaxing leg massage should be performed in a rhythmic and harmonious way. The oil is applied in the area to be massaged starting from the tip of the foot, with circular movements from the bottom up. Following and respecting this direction throughout the duration of the massage is essential, as this helps the blood return to the heart. Then proceed by treating the calf area: in this area, the kneading technique is preferred to the rotary movement. From time to time you have to alternate the movement with light pinching to stimulate blood circulation.

To feel the first real results, it is advisable to undergo tired legs massage at least a couple of times a week for one or two months.

Benefits of tired legs massage

This treatment eliminates toxins, nourishes the tissues, and relaxes the muscles in a pleasant way. It is capable of eliminating excess fluids thanks to its powerful draining action, especially indicated in the fight against cellulite.

Pain in the legs, tingling in the feet, a feeling of bloating and fatigue, are the result of our daily life increasingly hectic and disorderly.

Who is the victim? All, of course, but especially women. Hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause complicate everything. Again: a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, sloppy nutrition, excessive heat play their part. Well, the most specific and effective remedy to deal with all these problems is the relaxing leg massage. This treatment improves circulation, helps blood return to the heart, combats the appearance of cellulite in a completely natural way by stimulating the body to eliminate excess fluids.

Relaxing effect: free of tension and heaviness

In today’s Western society we have lost contact with our body. It’s good to rediscover it: for this, let’s start with the relaxing leg massage. The main benefit of this treatment is to generate a relaxing effect. By returning energy to the legs and feet through this form of manipulation, our body is helped to release blocked tension and promote more natural, lean and energetic movements. External conditions such as humidity and heaviness of the air can find an excellent solution in the relaxing leg massage.

It should be noted that, in the presence of certain acute or chronic pathologies, it is advisable to consult your doctor or specialist.