Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a very particular massage technique that involves the use of stones at variable temperatures (hot, but sometimes also cold). The main purpose of this treatment is to relax the muscles, free them from mental and physical tensions and awaken the natural well-being in the person.

This technique mixes the use of Western physiological maneuvers with elements of Ayurveda and helps alleviate many ailments. In hot stone massage, a massage is performed with soft and warm stones, which perform a function very similar to that of the hands. The hot stones are thus placed at certain points on the body to aid the action of the hand massage, thus creating a pleasant variant for the classic and more traditional massage.

The hot stone helps to relax the muscles and stimulates immediate relaxation of the body, acting in depth thanks to the stone’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature and focus its effect on critical points. The temperature causes vasodilation and helps to improve the blood circulation, also favoring the functioning of the nervous system.

The hot stone massage is a pampering that relaxes the mind and body, perfect to give relief in situations of muscular pain and arthritic and rheumatic symptoms. Hot stones are effective for back pain and we cannot underestimate the mental benefits of hot stones. A hot stone massage helps combat stress, insomnia, and depression, and is often integrated with aromatherapy to amplify well-being.

Hot stone massage is especially suitable for opening the chakras and readjusting them to their natural balance, releasing the energies of the body through the Ayurvedic power of massage. Therefore, the effect of massage is indicated to correct negative thoughts and turbulent moods. To do this, simply apply the hot stones on the body, at the height of the chakras.

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