Holistic Foot Reflexology

Holistic Foot Reflexology. The body that speaks, directly, without filters.

Manual foot massage that consists of touching the reflex points of the body and organs, revitalizing them.

Reflexology is a method of investigation and treatment. In fact, through the observation and palpation of the reflex zones in the foot, information is obtained about the general state of the person.

Then, through pressure, the area to which that particular segment refers is reactivated.

Holistic Foot Reflexology. Duration 30 minutes. € 39.

Reflexology sees the entire human body reflected in the foot. Especially its physical structure and the position of its organs. The plantar part will be the section of the abdomen. On the other hand, the dorsal part of the foot will see the back reflected. While the fingers will reflect the upper part, the head. Gradually going to the heel, shoulders, chest, back. Then the pelvis and legs.

The central part of the foot will refer to the central part of the body. For example, the spine will run through the inside of the foot from the big toe to the heel. The shoulders and arms will be placed between the fifth toe and the heel, on the outside of the foot.

Thus also the organs will be reflected in the sole of the foot. In particular the heart will be in the center, positioned below the big toe joint. The liver will be on the right foot. On the other hand, the spleen will be reflected in the left foot. The stomach will always be just below the toe joints. Instead, just below, in the center of the plant, will be the intestine. The genitalia will be in the heel area. Finally the legs from the heel to the ankle and rising briefly along one part of the calf.

Reflexology creates a dense network of connections between the various anatomical sections and physiological functions.

According to holistic reflexology, the response to pressure from a specific area or epicenter may coincide with an imbalance of the corresponding organ. For example, pain in the stomach area could give indications about the organic state of the stomach. But also on the energetic condition and on the analogous function to which the stomach refers, which is the ability of the human being to digest experiences. A difficulty in the organ may indicate a difficulty in definitively assimilating the experiences and letting go of what is no longer useful.

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