Facial Skull Massage

An oil massage is performed on the face, after which the skull is stimulated with light and almost imperceptible movements at the reflex points of the large internal organs and the emotions connected to them.

The muscles of the face and neck play an important role in the health of the person.
Even more so when we are tense, we tend to contract our muscles for long periods. Over time, muscle tension becomes painful and stiffness increases, and this is as true for the muscles of the body as it is for those of the face.

Through the osteopathic craniofacial technique it is possible to rebalance the bones of the skull, eliminate muscle tension and restore mobility to the face. This also makes it possible to recover relaxed and “aesthetically” younger features.

This osteopathic treatment also involves the release and activation of certain points in the body to improve lymphatic drainage. By releasing and unblocking important lymph node areas found on the face, nape, and neck, the improvement is immediate and can be felt throughout the body.

Who can benefit from skull facial massage?

Those who suffer from myotensive headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, back pain, or insomnia.

Those who do sedentary work and spend a lot of time at the PC or on the phone limiting their movements or assuming awkward positions and those who strain the eyes or the vocal cords.

Anyone experiencing states of emotional and physical tension or anxiety and stress.

The entrepreneur, the professional and the athlete and anyone who works in the world of art and entertainment.

Those who recite, sing, present and speak in public will be favored by this treatment that will bring, in addition to better mobility of the face and the structures connected to it, relief and benefit for the whole body, also acting on vital energy and mood. .

Treatment aims to re-harmonize the craniofacial district with the global body system. Even without painful symptoms, patients return for the aesthetic and relaxing effects this treatment provides.

The Osteopathic Skull Facial Technique

It is a combination of ancient and modern, the fusion of osteopathic manipulation with Vietnamese facial reflexology and with Anma, an ancient Japanese massage technique. It is an osteopathic session characterized by global assessment tests of the patient, balance tests and repositioning techniques.

The rebalancing of the structure and the skull is followed by fascial work and later by the use of delicate techniques of percussion, kneading, brushing, acupressure and lymphatic drainage to act more deeply on the skin, dermis, facial and neck muscles through of a rhythmic sequence of movements that stimulate the autonomic system, blood circulation and lymphatic flow.