Decontracting Massage

Decontracting massage. Free yourself from muscle tension.

Decontracting massage has the function and purpose of decontracting. In other words, loosen the muscle contractions that often arise. Perhaps as a result of incorrect efforts and movements.

This type of massage is quite intense, based on pressure and energetic touches. In general, the objective is to stimulate the deep tissues and the muscles that suffer in order to relax them. Thus, loosening the contracture that affects them, returns them to their original state.

30 minutos Massage 38€.

45 minutos Massage 50€.

60 minutes Massage 65€.

90 minutos Massage 90€.

Because we think of you! Take advantage of this offer and enjoy your massages. The voucher is valid for 3 months, from the date of your first massage. If you want more information I will be happy to assist you.

Bono de 5 masajes de 60 minutos. 292€.

Bono de 5 masajes de 90 minutos. 405€.

The decontracting massage is carried out specifically in those areas that suffer the most. Among them, the back, shoulders, neck and legs are the most common.

Given the intensity of the pressure, it is not uncommon for the treated areas to become painful after a session. However this is normal and transitory. It simply indicates how the muscle is returning to its optimal state. Depending on the degree of muscle contraction, more than one massage session is required to permanently resolve the problem. In short, doing regular decontracting massage sessions helps prevent the risk of muscle pain becoming chronic. In addition, among its benefits, it promotes relaxation and elimination of stress.

What exactly is a contracture? It is a muscle stretch that has become a further tightening of the muscle itself. It is also the consequence of a defensive action that occurs when muscle tissue is excessively stressed. Therefore, the muscle contracts and the contracture is created. This can be resolved with a decontracting massage.

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