Chiromassage: structural, functional and postural integrity of the body

Chiromassage is performed for sports purposes before and after exercise. It is also recommended to stimulate the body’s self-healing ability.

It also provides well-being, calm, optimism, relaxation and serenity.

Improvement of the general state of health

This type of massage is indicated in case of:

Recovery from muscle injury and pain.
In the treatment of tendons and ligaments.
To improve the functioning of the joints.
In nervous disorders.
Circulatory conditions.
Skin firming.

To provide energy to the body, avoid injury, relieve and reduce pain.

30 minutos Massage 38€.

45 minutes Massage 50€.

60 minutes Massage 65€.

90 minutes Massage 90€.

Because we think of you! Take advantage of this offer and enjoy your massages. The voucher is valid for 3 months, from the date of your first massage. If you want more information I will be happy to assist you.

5 massages of 60 minutes. 292,50€.

5 massages of 90 minutos. 405€.

Chiromassage contraindications

It is not recommended in these cases:

In case of fever or nausea.
During the first three months of pregnancy.
If you suffer from any form of infectious or inflammatory skin disease or skin diseases.
In case of inflammatory vascular diseases such as phlebitis, enlarged lymph nodes, severe circulatory retention, aneurysm, thrombosis.
Deep varicose veins, bleeding, blood pressure disorders, etc.
At the time of suffering acute conditions, such as recent bruising, sprains in the acute phase, unhealed wounds, edema, etc.
In case of suffering degenerative muscle diseases, infectious or tumor diseases or if you suffer from bacterial inflammatory processes.
If you have kidney problems in the acute phase, such as kidney stones or gallbladder.
In case of muscle tears, sheath, tendon or ligament.
If you suffer from diseases of the nervous system.

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