Anti-cellulite Massage

Anti-cellulite massage. Visible results in few sessions

Anti-cellulite massage should really be called a lymphatic drainage massage because it acts on the lymphatic circulation. This activates the toxin elimination process.

At the same time it prevents the accumulation of fat in the areas most subject to the formation of cellulite.

Cellulite levels are 3: edematous, fibrous and sclerotic. Consequently the massages are variable, intended for these different levels.

30 minute massage. € 39.

45 minute massage. € 52.

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Voucher of 5 massages of 30 minutes. € 175,50.

Voucher of 10 massages of 30 minutes. €312.

Voucher of 5 massages of 45 minutes. € 234.

Voucher of 10 massages of 45 minutes. €416.

The anti-cellulite action of a true draining massage

Thanks to the manipulation technique, the draining massage improves the appearance of the parts of the body to be treated.

Lymphatic drainage works at a shallower level, through gentle contact, friction and kneading movements. On the other hand, to act at a deeper level, the DEEP TISSUE massage is recommended. This massage uses increased pressure from the hands to act on the tissues.

In fact, the manipulation maneuvers are very deep and are performed with the index and thumb. This provides shocks to the skin, stimulating tissues and muscles. Since these massage movements are firm, they can be slightly painful.

Anti-cellulite massage is called circulatory hemolymphatic massage. Its main objective is to stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation. In particular, it reactivates the microcirculation of the areas affected by cellulite.

Why does cellulite form?

Cellulite is a true skin disorder caused by poor blood circulation. Finally, the stagnation of fluids within the adipose tissues is the basis of their formation.

Manipulation is capable of acting to different degrees.

First in the lymph nodes. By releasing them from the lymph, it will be diverted to the kidneys and drained.

Then the lymph present in the cellulite is transported to the lymph nodes. Being freer reduces localized swelling in a non-invasive and painful way.

To be effective, an anti-cellulite massage must have an upward direction. It generally starts from the ankles to the groin and buttocks, reaching the abdomen.

The part where it rubs allows a microvibration that shakes the tissues. While kneading, finger pressure creates its beneficial effect on microcirculation.

To increase the drainage effect and at the same time the beneficial effect of the massages, we use essential oils and specific anti-cellulite creams.

How and when to do an anti-cellulite massage

To obtain results, the anti-cellulite massage (combination of lymphatic drainage and DEEP TISSUE) must be performed at least twice a week, for at least 2 months.

The massages must be performed by specialist masseurs, and last approximately 45 minutes.

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