This technique is based on the theory that there are a series of energy channels inside the body, each of which acts on certain organs ensuring that the balance of the body is always ensured and with it all its functions. If there is health and well-being, the energy flows calmly and smoothly through these channels but there are cases in which something hinders the normal flow of energy and symptoms such as pain, various types of discomfort or real pathologies appear.

Acupuncture can intervene to ensure that these blockages are removed, thus promoting healing. As? Going on to stimulate specific points of the body through fine and flexible needles that can be, depending on the case, in different areas: feet, abdomen, back, hands, head, ears, etc. Obviously it is a technique in which the whole person is evaluated, that is, not only their characteristics and physical problems, but also their mental and psychological well-being.

Acupuncture: benefits and applications

Acupuncture offers several benefits that can be highlighted not only in the body but also in the mind. Treatments of this type can be tried to solve muscular or joint, circulatory, respiratory (including allergies), gastrointestinal, gynecological, urinary but also psychological disorders (an example for all panic attacks). Among other things, it is a technique also suitable for children, especially to treat allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma and chronic sinusitis.

Generally, needle treatments work very well in gynecological problems such as PMS, cycle irregularities, but also to alleviate typical menopausal disorders or solve an infertility problem (of course, this only works in some cases). There are those who also use needles to treat dermatitis, psoriasis and other dermatological problems, often linked to the emotional or psychological sphere.

Other applications of acupuncture can be in the case of a slimming diet to promote weight loss, to treat addictions such as smoking, alcohol and drugs or in the case of breech pregnancy to promote the reversal of the fetus.

Acupuncture treatment always has positive effects. Being a holistic therapy treats the human being at levels: physical, mental and emotional.

Our curative vision relates everything that happens to the patient to have a better result.

Some patients react quickly, even after the first session noticeable results are seen and others will take longer to return to the natural state of organ function. This is due to the rhythm of life of each one, and to the internal reaction of the organs and the mental – emotional state.

Acupuncture based on the theory of meridians or neurovascular bundles works directly with the nervous system, reducing internal agitation or acceleration. It also favors nervous communication, achieving rapid improvement. In fact, the same organism recognizes where the blockage is and a spontaneous organic healing is generated. There is also a notable improvement in the absorption of nutrients and in the production of clean blood and its good circulation.

Just to name a few benefits acupuncture provides.

The nervous system in our body is of vital importance, most imbalances are caused by poor communication between the nerves.

Acupuncture brings the patient to a state of deep relaxation which is vitally important to begin treating any imbalance.