Acupuncture with Moxibustion

Although the term Acupuncture refers directly to the insertion of needles into the skin, this ancient medical art includes in its therapeutic arsenal numerous other tools that, used with care, make the intervention of the acupuncturist extremely flexible and effective.

Acupuncture with Moxibustion:what does it consist of

Heat techniques such as Chinese moxibustion can be added to the acupuncture treatment.

As old as massage is the application of heat to cure diseases and in particular to relieve pain. Physicians in ancient China had discovered that heat stimulation of acupuncture points could obtain particular effects, exploiting the specific properties of individual points. Over time, Chinese medicine has selected Artemisia as the main herb for this use. The Japanese called this technique moxa and this term has been more successful than the Chinese term jiu fa, also becoming synonymous with Artemisia. For this reason today the technique is known as Moxibustion.

This consists of bringing heat with a mug of mugwort to certain acupuncture points in order to activate or regulate the body’s systems. Japanese moxibustion or thermotherapy is applied: giving heat directly to the skin through metal bars with incense inside. Toning the body, giving greater connectivity to the fasciae. And providing a feeling of well-being that provides the natural warmth in the body.

Thus moxibustion can be combined with acupuncture to heat more deeply using the needle as a heat vehicle.

This technique is, of course, elective in all pathologies due to cold, but it is also an important toning system in syndromes characterized by asthenia and coldness, in prolapses, in dyspepsia.

Applications of acupuncture with moxibustion

Joint pain (shoulder, wrist, knee, ankle etc)

Low back pain


General tension with symptoms especially of back pain.

Migraine and chronic headache

Noticeable stress

Poor digestion (stomach bloating, pain after eating)



Exhaustion (feeling of being tired all the time)

Poor blood circulation and fluid stagnation


Menstrual pain

Sexual dysfunction (erection problems, lack of libido or some other deficiency) for both sexes

Acupuncture can treat a wide variety of imbalances this is just a sample of how effective this therapy is.

Suction Cup and Gua Sha

Cups and Gua Sha are applied as a complement to acupuncture to reduce pain, improve circulation, release blood stagnation and promote the increase of vital energy in the body.