Professional massages, based on the needs and situations that clients face, can have different purposes. For this reason, the professional masseuse uses classic techniques such as Swedish massage, decontracting, sports, Vodder lymphatic drainage, but also oriental derivation techniques such as Thai, Ayurvedic massage, Reflexology, etc. Thus, all these techniques are integrated and completed with others of different derivations such as Californian massage, Hawaiian lomi lomi, etc.

What professional massages we offer in our massage center in Barcelona

Are you looking for a professional masseuse in Barcelona? Aurum Wellbeing offers the possibility to enjoy the services of a professional masseuse. We perform numerous treatments giving the client the opportunity to benefit from massages to regain physical well-being with different types of techniques. For example, holistic massage acts on the person as a whole. Especially from the concept of holism, through a vision of the individual as a system made up of body, mind and spirit.

Manual lymphatic drainage (DLM) Vodder method: the peculiarity of draining lymphatic massage is the obtaining of excellent results through very light, slow and superficial manual skills. In fact its purpose is to improve lymphatic flow. Additionally, lymphatic drainage can be used to promote sympathetic and analgesic effects;

Anti-cellulite massage: the massage is personalized and differs from person to person. For example, if the person suffers more water retention or swelling, an anti-cellulite massage will be performed. Meanwhile, in cases where the edema is more advanced, it will be necessary to perform a deeper massage.

Decontracting, sports and Deep Tissue massage: whether it is tensions, muscle contractures due to sports, posture, work or stress-related activities, the decontracting massage is applied in many cases and situations.

With the vascularization maneuvers, more blood and oxygen are supplied to the muscles which, added to passive stretching and joint mobilization, contribute to the improvement of physical performance.

Extensive massage menu in Barcelona

Ayurvedic massage: based on the concept of mind-body balance and the principle of self-healing. Among the benefits we find: elimination of toxins, muscle toning, stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation and much more;

Californian Emotional Massage: it is the psychosomatic massage par excellence, relaxing and calming. The maneuvers give a peculiar muscular relaxation and invite abandonment. Especially useful for those who have trouble concentrating, or are tense and anxious because it allows them to get back to themselves.

Relaxing massage: performed on the whole body or part of the body, it combines maneuvers to relax, tone, relax the muscles and accumulated tensions. It also stimulates correct blood circulation by reactivating microcirculation to the peripheries of the body.

At the end of each session, you are enveloped by a general sense of well-being and enjoyment, eliminating fatigue and stress.

Anti-cellulite massage: Highly requested by women to treat blemishes such as cellulite, stretch marks and capillary fragility.

Through manual skills and various maneuvers, with this massage, you will be able to eliminate toxins and excessive water retention in the areas where imperfections appear.

Foot reflexology: Foot reflexology is a bionatural body technique that belongs to the family of natural medicines. In particular, it acts on the reflex points of the foot.

Let the charge of vital energy flow, a guarantee of good health.

Each interruption that is created in the flow of this energy becomes the cause of a change in the physiological balance and an obstacle in its functionality.

Hot stone massage: Since ancient times, stones have played an important role and ancient civilizations already used them for healing purposes and to intervene in the general balance of the body.