Omnia Reiki – Vital Energy

Omnia Reiki

Universal energy to improve people’s health and well-being.

OMNIA Reiki is an alternative medicine practice that aims to cure ailments of any kind through the transfer of energy from the practitioner’s hands to the individual who undergoes this practice.

Its purpose is to treat ailments and diseases by rebalancing vital energy.

Omnia Reiki acts directly on the aspects that the individual wants to improve (whether physical, emotional or of any kind) with processes that are faster, more complete, more coherent and more powerful than other existing bioenergy transmission systems.

Reiki 60 minutes 50€

Reiki 90 minutes 70€

According to the philosophy behind this practice, alterations in the flow of energy lead to the appearance of ailments and diseases of different types. In other words, in this area, illnesses, in whatever form they occur, date back to imbalances in vital energy.

Through the laying on of hands, energy is transferred to remedy imbalances and promote the resolution of ailments and diseases.

The professional is a “medium” through which the energy of the universe passes, flows and the reiki massage is transmitted to the patient.

Before starting the practice of massage, a preliminary interview is held with the patient to understand what problems and motivations led him to request this type of treatment.

It is not necessary to undress, but you are asked to remove all metal objects (for example, jewelry, belts, etc.) as these objects can interfere with the energy flow.

Contrary to what one might think, reiki massage does not involve manipulations as it happens in other forms of massage proper.

What are the benefits of OMNIA Reiki massage?

The practice of reiki brings physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Psychophysical relaxation, eliminating stress and anxiety,
Muscle relaxation;
Elimination of toxins from the body;
Reduction or elimination of acute or chronic pain;
Stimulation of the immune system;
Rebalancing the sleep-wake cycle;
Increased appetite

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30 minutes Massage 30€.

45 minutes Massage 40€.

60 minutes Massage 50€.

90 minutos Massage 70€.

Because we think of you! Take advantage of this offer and enjoy your massages. the voucher is valid for 3 months, it counts from the date of your first massage. If you want more information I will be happy to assist you.

5 massages 60 minutes. 225€.

5 massages 90 minutos. 315€.