Depilación masculina

Male hair removal: a growing trend

Male hair removal: Full body hair removal for men

Male hair removal: legs, arms, torso, shoulders, abdominals and private parts. Full body man hair removal

Male hair removal is a growing trend among all ages, both in summer and in winter.

Men often depilate their chest, back, private parts, but also their shoulders, legs and arms.

Depilation with machine

Unlike the rest, the body needs more sophisticated methods of hair removal because it has irregular parts.

In fact the skin is very delicate and if you opt for a hair removal machine, it is recommended to go to a specialized hair removal center.

Avoid irritations and keep your skin soft and smooth. Male hair removal Esthetic center in Barcelona

Going to a specialist beautician in male hair removal is the best option because it requires specific care and techniques. In fact the hairs of man are stronger and more resistant.

Depilation of man Full body – Private parties

More and more men opt for Full body hair removal that includes epilation of private parts. Men tend to pluck their pubic hair, for aesthetics, hygiene, comfort and for the pleasant sensation of contact. Frequently, when practicing sports, men wax their private parts.

¡It shows a better body showing the muscles and its curvature!

Wax in hot and in bands. Male hair removal Esthetic center in Barcelona

The hot wax is heated and applied to the area concerned. As soon as the wax solidifies it is removed with a precise and fast maneuver. It is an almost painless method if performed by a professional. It is ideal for all parts of the body.

The warm wax is already listed in bands. These are applied in the desired areas, heated with your hands for a few seconds and adhere to the skin. This captures and removes superfluous hair. Unlike hot wax, warm wax is used mainly in large and concentrated areas such as legs and back.

The hot wax tears the hair from the root a little more than the warm wax, although there is not much difference between them. For some parts of the body such as back and legs the wax of bands is very good.

Definitive hair removal for men with laser

The male hair removal with laser is done with a device that acts on the hair follicle, that is to the hair root. It can be done in the whole body. Thanks to its physical principle whereby light captures the dark color of the hair, it works mainly to eliminate dark hairs on a clear skin. After capturing the dark color, the laser burns the hair through the light energy. So a clear skin favors the location and elimination of dark hairs. If the hairs are clear or the skin is very dark there is not much contrast and the laser is not very effective. In these cases it is better to apply the method of waxing.

Tips for before and after male hair removal

In general it is necessary to avoid shaving especially chest and back if there is an irritation or a solar erythema. First it is recommended to treat the skin with a good moisturizer and softener.

Corked hair

In case of folliculitis – cystic hair – hydration with specific products is particularly important. Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer. With its very small molecular composition it penetrates deep into the skin. It can also be mixed with tea tree essential oil to prevent folliculitis.

The use of the tea tree which is bactericidal and antiseptic helps to fight bothersome folliculitis.

For the prevention of the appearance of subcutaneous hairs, irritations and redness, we recommend a specific product, the Depil Ok.

Hydration post-depilation

After waxing, limit sun exposure and use high SPF protective cream. Avoid deodorants and perfumes that can also be irritating.

It is helpful to rehydrate stressed skin and treat redness. The most indicated are those that are composed of aloe vera and rosehip.

Products that retard hair growth

There are also delays in the growth of hair and some of them with progressive hair removal that use them after hair removal will weaken the hair and making them not grow back.

For more information about male hair removal, call our Cosmetic Center in Barcelona.

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