Main benefits of Reiki, wellness and balance

In this article we want to highlight the benefits of Reiki on the balance of emotions and health.

Reiki in Japanese means “spirit” and “life force” and is born at the end of the 19th century.

It is a method to strengthen awareness and exploration of the inside.

Beneficios reiki

The discipline of Reiki is based on the concept that body and mind are one entity, and the universe is but an extension of ourselves. Through the energetic body junctions, or chakras, passes the same energy that moves the planets. This balance allows man to tune not only to universal forces, but also to his own body.

Simply put, Reiki is just a passage of clean, strong energy from one individual to another. The result is a sense of well-being that helps in the treatment of physical, mental or emotional illnesses.

The main benefits of Reiki

  1. A reiki session is able to act on difficulties in the relaxation process and stimulates deep connection with emotions
    2. It can help combat insomnia problems, improving the balance of sleep-wake cycle functions.
    3. When we work on reducing stress, it often happens that chronic pains and psychosomatic diseases decrease
    4. As studies show, a state of deep relaxation helps strengthen the immune system
    5. Stimulates cell regeneration, lymphatic system and endocrine system.

Beneficios del Reiki

Be aware of your strength

Reiki, Therapy to overcome traumas and regain psychophysical balance.

We raise the levels of energy and concentration, we are in a state of openness that leads us to reconsider our blocks.

How does reiki work?

During a reiki session, the hands act as a heat conductor. Those who receive treatment are open to empathic contact capable of generating a climate of trust and deep calm. It is based on the simple, very old concept that the body heat, produced naturally by each of us, can positively influence. in the release of emotions. It actually allows us to enter into a relationship with the flow of our feelings at a deep level.

Beneficios del reiki

What’s a Reiki session like?

During a Reiki massage the operator gently touches specific areas of the body. Thus transmits its pure and clean energy to the recipient of the “massage”.

Reiki’s treatment aims to “reopen” the energy poles of the body by imposing hands and infusing vital energy of a healthy subject, the “masseur”, to the recipient, who may have lost balance. This step of energy must take place in a suitable environment, calm and relaxed, and, despite the light touch of the operator, something profound happens that, in many cases, is recorded at a level above all emotional.

Through Reiki treatment, the recipient regains his psychophysical balance in a state of complete abandonment and confidence, and experiences a form of inner spiritual awakening capable of releasing effects.

Among the benefits of Reiki the most important is that it helps the body to relax. Thus one enters into deep harmony with himself, his needs and the duties of the world around him.

On a more practical level, strengthening the body and mind in a comprehensive way, this discipline reduces the effects of insomnia and activates the immune system.

Let energy flow by focusing on the goal of treatment: wellness.