depilación ideal para los hombres

Machine, wax, laser or cream: what is the ideal hair removal for men?

If you are thinking about getting rid of hair, here we explain what is the ideal hair removal for men, what it consists of and what are its advantages.

Hair is sometimes uncomfortable and not very hygienic, that’s why women and men resort to hair removal. Hair removal for men is becoming more and more common, especially those between 18 and 34 years old, who remove hair not only from the chest and legs, but also from the shoulders, back and groin.

However, it is necessary to choose the most appropriate method. At Aurum Wellbeing, we offer three types of hair removal for men: waxing, machine or laser. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. What are the best techniques? What are the pros and cons of each? What is the ideal hair removal for men?

Here are all the answers.

Machine Hair Removal
This is the most common and painless method of removing hair from legs, underarms and chest or full body waxing.

Disadvantages: after a very short time the skin is no longer smooth and the hair grows quickly. At this stage, it is not recommended to shave again. The skin can become irritated and reddened. To prevent and attenuate inflammation and folliculitis at Aurum Wellbeing we use high quality machines and treat the skin with special natural moisturizing products.


It is the most common hair removal method used by women and men. The results last from two to four weeks, depending on the type of hair. Especially the first few times it can be a little uncomfortable and painful, but after a few sessions the sensation of pain disappears. It is recommended for depilation of legs, armpits, arms, buttocks, back and groin, full body hair removal or full body hair removal in men.

Advantages: Compared to other methods, waxing keeps the skin soft for several weeks. Then, when the hairs come out again, they remain soft as they grow from the root. For long-lasting results, we recommend waxing at a beauty salon once a month or every 5 weeks. In addition, waxing removes the hair, it does not cut it like a machine does. As a result, with regular use of waxing, the hair becomes weaker, the pain decreases and the hair becomes thinner and may even partially disappear.

Disadvantages: in addition to pain, it can cause irritation, folliculitis or discomfort depending on the type of skin, although this is not common. If the skin is particularly delicate, waxing may cause slight abrasion of the skin, with consequent redness. Waxing is not recommended in case of capillary fragility problems or phlebitis and varicose veins, as thin capillaries could easily break.

depilación ideal para los hombres

Laser Hair Removal
This technique helps to remove hair permanently because it involves the destruction of the hair follicle. Laser hair removal for men indicated for the whole body, however in any case it is necessary to evaluate area by area with our experts.

Advantages: The results are permanent and are obtained from a few sessions. Gradually the hair weakens and grows less and less. Time and effectiveness are very subjective and depend on a number of factors that can vary considerably from person to person. It is a treatment that does not particularly hurt: the part used to trigger the light cools the skin with an anesthetic effect. Some areas, such as the groin, are more sensitive than others, but any sensation of discomfort lasts only a second. It is a treatment that is often recommended by dermatologists when suffering from folliculitis (ingrown hairs) or hirsutism.

Disadvantages: For a complete hair removal it is necessary to undergo several procedures. After a few years, the hairs may reform, usually smaller and sparser. However, results can be maintained with maintenance sessions, reduced to once a year. It is not effective in case of gray or blond hair.

At Aurum Wellbeing we advise you on the areas that can be treated in your specific case and we tell you how many sessions you can get rid of hair. Being specialized in male depilation in Barcelona we take into account how androgens affect the hair follicles depending on the areas you want to depilate and your age.

Depilatory cream
And last but not least is this type of chemical hair removal. How to use depilatory creams for men? Apply on the area to be depilated, wait a few minutes, according to the instructions on the package, remove the cream, its use is simple and easy. It is very important to test before use. Apply a small amount where you want to depilate to confirm that you do not have any allergic reaction.

Advantages: Ease of use and speed, you can do it yourself at home.

Disadvantages: Can cause allergic reactions and even irritation or burns due to excessive exposure time.

If you want to know more about this type of hair removal we leave you with the experts and creators of one of the best-selling creams on the market: veet.

We can conclude that there is no ideal hair removal for men because all techniques have advantages and disadvantages but we do have a favorite method and it is the laser for its effectiveness.

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