Defensas bajas

Low defenses: how to raise them and avoid seasonal diseases

Low defenses can make our body unprepared to fight the aggression of external agents, such as viruses, bacteria and infections. In addition, we are so closely linked to our ecosystem that seasonal changes also generate internal changes in our organism.

That is why it is normal to feel some ailments at the beginning of each season, as happens now in the first weeks of winter, especially if we have low defenses.

Main causes of low defenses
The main causes of lowered defenses are:

Abuse of medicines (especially antibiotics).
Alcohol abuse
Insufficient sleep
Inadequate nutrition

Environmental factors (cold, humidity, sudden changes in temperature) and environmental pollution, air quality and exposure to toxic factors also contribute.

Let’s see now how to increase low defenses.

Adapt your diet
Diet is one of the key tools to avoid low defenses and strengthen our immune system.

The immune system needs a regular and balanced supply of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pigments). During the change of season avoid low-calorie diets and do not overdo it with salt and white sugar, hydrogenated oils and trans fats, synthetic additives and highly processed foods.

Take advantage of the citrus season, which provides us with a large amount of vitamin C, as well as green vegetables such as chard, broccoli and spinach.

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Get plenty of rest
A good rest is essential to increase low defenses.

Remember to leave the mobile phone or computer half an hour before going to sleep, to better fall asleep, and avoid contact until after breakfast.

Resting between 7 and 8 hours a day is ideal for our body to recover from daily activities and to reactivate the immune system.

If you have trouble sleeping, we recommend Sweet Dreams Flower Essence, to relax, rest deeply and recover your energy.

Prevent seasonal ailments
Sometimes these good habits are not enough to counteract low defenses. If beyond your diet and lifestyle, you suffer from seasonal changes, we recommend Seasonal Affections Flower Essence.

The combination of flower essences will help you cope better with seasonal changes. Especially if you experience allergic processes associated with dust mites, dust or animal hair for example.

Being naturally prepared provides a more tolerant attitude towards discomforts, allowing you to continue with your life in an active way.

Exercise even in winter!
In addition to activating the immune system and improving the body’s defenses, physical activity helps us fight stress.

When we are worried or stressed about something, our body does not respond in the same way and we may end up with low defenses, or more prone to diseases.

With the cold weather it is harder to get out of the house and move, but we also have virtual alternatives such as guided yoga classes.

Maintaining a balance and equilibrium between our body and mind helps us to face changes in a more flexible and positive way.

Think positive
The immune system is also affected by our psychic system. Stress can affect the efficiency of our immune defenses. In fact studies have shown that just twenty-four hours of stress is enough to significantly reduce the effectiveness and response of the immune system.

That is why reducing stress and adopting a positive attitude towards life can also help our body defend itself against external attacks.

Flower essences can be a valid ally to reduce stress and consequently increase defenses.