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Introduction to Coaching

Participate in our Introduction to Coaching session. You will know the benefits of this method that helps people balance their private or professional life and improve relationships with others.

We are going through a difficult time, but without effort (cause and effect) we cannot achieve our objectives and we must remain Resilient and have an attitude to achieve success.

The work we do, whatever it may be, has to be seen as a research center in order to learn and develop our gifts and talents.

There is no professional development if we do not work before the staff.

In our introductory session to Coaching we work on the limiting beliefs and attitudes to better face the new, to act to transform the fear of change into an energy directed to the development and fulfillment of the person. Coaching allows you to unblock resistance, get out of the critical phase and redesign and develop your private or professional life, to rediscover the pleasure of change, with optimal results, improving the quality of your existence and professional successes.

Contents of the Coaching Workshop

Introduction to Coaching

Know how to differentiate coaching vs Mentoring

Learn to know our limiting beliefs in life

Recognize our Emotions

Discover the functions of the EGO

Manage our thoughts

The emotions that rule our lives

What is a powerful and limiting belief?

Fear is your strength and not a failure (emotional intelligence)

Dynamics: Wheel of Life The key to success: ATTITUDE

Dynamics: The power of the gaze

Date: June 18, 2021


From 12 to 13.30

Price: FREE

Limited space, prior registration is required by sending an email to:

Dario Andronico is a trainer, mentor, Life Coach and professional, an expert in telemarketing and emotional selling. He has been living in Barcelona for 14 years, of which he has worked for large multinationals for 10 years. He gives training in Sales Techniques, Team Leadership, Emotional Selling, Telemarketing, Neuro-Sales, Store Coaching, Time Management, Personal and Executive Coaching.

introduction to coaching