Integral detox cure: deflate and regain energy

A detox treatment is advisable when you want to lose weight, fight cellulite or generally improve your health.

At Aurum Wellbeing, in our beauty centre in Barcelona, we advise you on a comprehensive detox cure based on draining massages and natural products from the TweeG brand.

Why do we need to detox?

Due to stress, bad habits and other polluting factors, our bodies can suffer from an excess of toxins, and need external help to maintain their balance. TweeG supplements offer help “from within” to eliminate excess fluids and impurities that can compromise normal organ function.


What does the detox treatment consist of?

A detox treatment aims to rid the body of toxic substances. Many people confirm that they feel more focused, energetic and vital after following a detox programme.

This is because a detoxified body functions much better.

Toxic agents include fats, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, dyes, preservatives and medicines.

There are also the well-known endogenous toxins which correspond to an accumulation of waste products from metabolic processes, e.g. CO2, lactic acid, urea, calcium oxalate, ammonia.

The organs responsible for expelling toxins are the liver, kidneys, skin and intestines.

When there is an overload of toxins we can manifest different symptoms.

One of them is cellulite, or fluid retention. We can also suffer from pain (migraine), irritability, loss of concentration, sleep disturbances, tiredness, digestive and skin problems (eczema), low defences, frequent colds, etc.

An overloaded liver causes a lot of apathy and tiredness.

To purify the organism in a natural way, the organs can be stimulated by lymphatic drainage with the help of specific purifying products.

Complete detox plan

Here are the steps for a complete detox plan.

Hepa Clean to purify the liver
Dren Plus to eliminate retained fluids
Siluet Slim to nourish the intestinal flora.
For a good purification, we recommend starting with Hepa Clean, then Dren Plus. These two formulas purify all the pathways. You can then continue the treatment with Siluet Slim, which contains liver-purifying and draining plants. It also contains flucto-oligosaccharides which help to re-establish the intestinal flora, ideal after purification.

In general, a minimum 6-week treatment is recommended: 15 days of Hepa Clean and Dren Plus and then follow-up with Siluet slim.

Detox Tweeg

As a complement to the therapy with TweeG supplements, we offer, in our beauty centre in Barcelona, lymphatic drainage treatment in combination with reducing and firming massages according to your needs.