How to relax and regain balance of mind and body

Relaxing and combating stress is a daily chore. At Aurum Wellbeing Barcelona we help you by offering natural solutions.

The causes of stress

States of tension often originate in the workplace or in everyday situations due to the fast pace of our lives. They can also increase in times of change, in which more demands are placed on our mind and body.


Relaxation and dealing with stress can be achieved with natural remedies.

Relaxation and wellbeing make us live better lives.

Natural relaxation techniques and remedies

The solutions against stress that we offer you in our centre in Barcelona are varied. From aromatherapy to massages, and a wide range of essential oils and food supplements that can be purchased conveniently in our online shop.

Food supplement to dissolve muscular and mental tension
There are substances that help the body to cope with stress and restore the correct production of substances such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine.

These serve to regulate the body’s energy levels and prevent a constant feeling of tiredness. They also regulate the daily rhythm of sleep/wakefulness and, finally, endorphins (feeling of satisfaction, attenuation of the sensation of pain).

Seroton Activ, Controla el Estrés y Mejora la Calidad del Sueño, 50 cápsulas.We offer you an exclusive formula based on serotonin activators, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood.

Seroton Activ, Control Stress and Improve Sleep Quality, 50 capsules.

Lavender essential oil, for calm and relaxation

Lavender contains calming and relaxing principles in cases of anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Lavender essential oil calms the nerves, relaxes the muscles, is antidepressant, relaxes muscle contractions, facilitates sleep.

Aromatherapy with lavender essential oil

Pour a little water and a drop of lavender essential oil into the essential oil diffuser for every square metre of the room in which it is located.

citronela contra los mosquitosIn this way, the fragrance of lavender essential oil will spread into the atmosphere and bring you relaxation.

Serene dreams

For a better sleep and peaceful nights, a napkin soaked in lavender essential oil can be placed on the bedside table or near the pillow. This remedy is also suitable for children.

Massages for relaxation

Lavender essential oil is useful for relaxing, anti-stress and decontracting massages. At Aurum WellBeing we use it pure or mixed in small quantities with aloe vera gel or with a vegetable oil base, e.g. sweet almond oil. Our massages with relaxing and soothing action reduce tension levels and promote rest.

Channelling energy

Another effective remedy, also useful in case of insomnia or anxiety crises, is the Calm Me Down Flower Essence.

Finding inner balance is the most valid method to defend oneself against stress.

Calm Me Down Flower Essence promotes mental calm, reduces tension and restores balance to the emotions.

The essential oil of ylang ylang is the oil of good mood and well-being. It can help us in case of stress, anguish or frustration, to disconnect from work or negative thoughts. It also helps us to fall asleep.


In short, every day our life is full of stress related to the different activities we do.

In our centre we help you to control your stress levels and live better.